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Ancient Future
Leisure McCorkle Brings New Album to Life

Leisure McCorkle, an alternative rock artist from Charlotte, North Carolina who creates music deeply rooted in the nomadic endeavors he undergoes while traveling, has recently released 5000 Light Years Beyond the Speed of Sound, which was produced by longtime bass player “Big” Mike Mitschele, and is the darkest entry in the Leisure McCorkle oeuvre. “The latest album has morphed this idea into a ‘time traveler’ similar to Dr. Who. The idea is to play with concepts of time and space while creating a musical space for meaning, experience, and raw emotions,’” he shares.  


The 10-track album begins with an ambient sonic snippet that slowly comes into crisp clarity, yielding to the opening track, “Warehouse.” Atmospheric keys, yearning harmonies, and winsome hooks subtly adorn this acoustic pop-rock tune. Within it is a sweetly nostalgic peek into vet indie musician touring life.

 Watch "Turn It Up" now on YouTube -


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Maxwell Powers Puts Life in \

Maxwell Powers' career all started on night back in 2011, when he emerged from the ether with his keytar, determined to make something of himself. He proceeded to put out a series of YouTube videos combining synth-driven indie pop and no-budget filming to tell stories of life, love and the occasional existential crisis. The releases quickly garnered a cult-like following and have now been streamed over a million times.


"Death (It Feels Alright)" is the second single from Powers forthcoming 6 Things EP. While he recorded the entire album entirely in the corner of his living room, he collaborated with two veteran Bay Area Engineers/Producers: Mikael Eldridge (Tycho, DJ Shadow) and Sean Beresford (Run DMC, Third Eye Blind). The result is sonically rich tracks showing a diverse journey that is instantly catchy and rewards deeper listening.


Stream “Death (It Feels Alright)” here:


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Alexander Howard Brings Solo Debut to the Table

The inspiration behind Alexander Howard’s solo debut came out of a songwriting trip to Los Angeles. During a late night Hollywood session, the singer and multi instrumentalist dialed in on writing artful pop, crafting guitars, synth, and soulful hooks.


Returning to his hometown of New York, he immediately set to work honing his voice and sound that would become his first solo efforts with Robopop, the masterminds behind Lana Del Ray's "Video Games" and Maroon 5's "Payphone."


Written and co-produced by Howard, the songs take inspiration from all walks of pop, ranging from sixties Motown to Top40 indie pop. Woven together by Howard’s pop rock vocals, his thematic songwriting and a sense of style all his own, this diverse offering is one of the most relevant NYC pop debuts in the current landscape.


Off-stage and outside the recording studio, Howard is a highly involved in New York’s fashion community, and has been featured in various society and editorial features in the New York Times and notable fashion blogs.


Listen to the new single "Mount Rushmore" on Soundcloud:




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Where\'s the Beat? From Ancient Rhythms to Future Grooves for Gizmos, Gadgets and Thingamajigs

Where's the Beat?

A. West Africa, Bali, and India, birthplaces of polyrhythm, gamelan, and tala.
B. Within every performer, where musical dreams are made.
C. In a rhythm training manual by Matthew Montfort called Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities.
D. In the new companion set from Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Audio Guide and MIDI Groove Tracks from the Traditions of Africa, Bali, and India.
E. Through world rhythm workshops and Skype study with Matthew Montfort.
F. All of the above.

The Answer

If you answered "all of the above," you are well on your way to finding the beat! Read on to find out how a training manual on the rhythms of Africa, Bali and India can help performers of all types reach their musical dreams, enable listeners to get more out of music, and is now bringing these ancient rhythms into the grooves of the future with the release of an audio companion edition for digital audio workstations, sequencers, computers, tablets, smartphones, CD players and other gizmos!

The Beginning, the Beat, the Book

Book Cover

Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India. By Matthew Montfort. Mill Valley: Panoramic Press, 1985. ISBN 0-937879-00-2. Comb Bound Book- $46.95 list. Book and Enhanced Audio CD Set with MIDI files- $74.95 list. New Best Buy! Book & Audio Guide/MIDI Download- $69.95 list.

This classic "world beat bible" by Matthew Montfort takes the student on a musical voyage through the ancient rhythmic traditions of Africa, Bali, and India with a series of exercises that require no instruments to perform. Interesting, imaginative and fun, these rhythm exercises will be of immense help to all music lovers, not just percussionists. Indeed, Matthew Montfort, leader of the trailblazing world fusion music group Ancient Future, was inspired to write the book because it was difficult for him to find musicians who had the skills to perform multi-cultural music. African polyrhythms, Balinese kotèkan and Indian classical music were chosen as the source material for the training because these three traditions in combination cover the major types of rhythmic organization used in most of the world's music. By enabling home study of these non-Western rhythms with enough material for years of practice for most students, the training develops refined rhythmic skills, promotes multi-cultural musicianship, stimulates new ideas for composers and improvisers, and fosters cross-cultural music appreciation.

The New Guides and Grooves

A.T.F.P. Audio Guide Tracks

Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Audio Guide and MIDI Groove Tracks from the Traditions of Africa, Bali, and India. By Matthew Montfort. Ancient Future Music (AF-0001, 2005. V 4.0, 2017). New Preview Release! Companion MP3/MIDI Guide Tracks Download Set- $34.95 list. Companion Audio/MIDI Guide Tracks 2 Volume CD/CD-ROM Set- $39.95 list.

A new downloadable companion set of MP3 audio guide and MIDI groove tracks of the exercises in the book Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities will be released in fall 2017. The preview beta release is on sale now at Ancient-Future.Com. The downloads are set up for playback on Mac and PC computers, tablets, and smartphones. The tracks are also available on a CD/CD-ROM set.

West African drum music, Balinese gamelan, and Indian tala are oral traditions, and the new downloadable files make it very convenient to integrate the tradition of learning by ear into the rhythm studies. The material is presented in two complimentary formats: audio guide tracks and MIDI groove tracks, which are also available separately as downloads.

The Audio Guide Tracks

Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Audio Guide Tracks is a set of 115 audio guide tracks of the exercises in Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities that help facilitate correct practice habits. The download version is divided into three zipped folders of MP3 files. Volume I covers the exercises in Chapter 1, West Africa, and Chapter 2, Bali. Volume II A covers the South Indian exercises in Chapter 3, India. Volume II B covers the North Indian exercises in Chapter 3, India, and Chapter 4, Future Possibilities. Two printable .pdf booklets are included: the A.T.F.P Audio Guide Tracks CD Booklet, a wrap around CD booklet with instructions for burning CDs if desired, and the A.T.F.P Audio Guide Track List, which includes the names, durations, tempo settings, and book page numbers for all 115 audio guide tracks.

The MIDI Groove Tracks

Ancient Rhythms – Future Grooves: MIDI Percussion Groove Tracks from the Traditions of Africa, Bali, and India is a complete set of 128 MIDI tracks that playback in Standard MIDI File compatible web browsers. For greater control or for use as rhythm tracks in audio productions, load them into a MIDI sequencer app (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, etc.) to loop tracks, change the tempo, or listen to individual parts. The files come arranged for General MIDI percussion and can be remapped to other instruments using the included MIDI maps with explanations of the sounds of West African drums, Balinese gamelan, South Indian mridangam, and North Indian tabla. A full set of tabla samples is included along with supporting files for using them with VSTi instruments (PC) and GarageBand (Mac).

The Eve Orchestra of West Africa

The Eve people of the island town of Anyako off the coast of Southeastern Ghana have developed a music rich in polyrhythmic interplay, such as in the drum music of takada, a dance and drumming club developed by the Eve women. The instruments of their percussion orchestra are detailed in the West African section of Ancient Rhythms – Future Grooves. The exercises are arranged for General MIDI agogo, bongo, conga and maracas. MIDI maps of the Eve instruments are included for those who want to experiment with different drum sounds.

The Interlocking Rhythms of Balinese Gamelan

A gamelan is an ensemble normally composed primarily of percussion. In Bali, orchestras of tuned gongs, bronze kettles, bronze metallophones, bamboo xylophones, drums, cymbals, and flutes fill the night air with animated music. Melodic parts interlock, divided in such a way that musicians play alternate notes to form the melody line. These interlocking parts, known as kotèkan, require cooperation and a keen sense of rhythm to perform. The Balinese section of Ancient Rhythms – Future Grooves details the music and instruments of the Gamelan Semar Pegulingan and other ensembles.

The Rhythmic Cycles of India

The perception of the cyclic nature of life is reflected in Indian classical music through the device oftala,a recurring time-measure or rhythmic cycle. There are two different traditions in Indian classical music, the Carnatic music of South India and the Hindustani music of North India.

The tabla is a North Indian drum set comprised of two drums with goat-skin heads. For every sound on the drum there is a corresponding syllable. These syllables are known as bols. Each North Indian tala has a theka, a standard set of bols that identify the rhythmic cycle. The MIDI files of these thekas are arranged for General MIDI conga and bongo, and make excellent groove tracks for creating compositions or practicing. The North Indian section of Ancient Rhythms – Future Grooves features a full explanation of the tabla bols complete with audio links to tabla samples of each bol, and files for VSTi instruments and GarageBand that remap the MIDI files to the included tabla samples.

The mridangam is a South Indian two-headed barrel drum made of jackwood with goatskin heads. South Indian drumming has a language all of its own known as solkattu. For the sounds produced by the mridangam, there are corresponding syllables known as konokol. The South Indian section of Ancient Rhythms – Future Grooves features an explanation of the konokol syllables used in the solkattu compositions that are presented. The South Indian rhythm exercises have been arranged for General MIDI conga and bongo. Instructions and sequencer files are included to help in remapping the MIDI files to tabla or mridangam samples.

The Author

Matthew Montfort

Scalloped fretboard guitar pioneer Matthew Montfort has devoted his life to cross-cultural music through his role as the leader of the world music group Ancient Future. He spent years of study with some of the world's best musicians, such as gamelan director K.R.T. Wasitodipuro, North Indian sarod master Ali Akbar Khan, and vina master K.S. Subramanian, with whom he did an intensive study of South Indian note-bending techniques. He has recorded with legendary world music figures ranging from Bolivian panpipe master Gonzalo Vargas to tabla maestros Swapan Chaudhuri and Zakir Hussain, and performed concerts worldwide, from the Festival Internacional de la Guitarra on the golden coast of Spain to the Festival of India in Mumbai. He has taught masterclasses at prestigious universities, schools, camps, museums, and resorts, and has over four decades of teaching experience, including two on the faculty of Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco. He is recognized as one of the world's 100 Greatest Acoustic Guitarists by, a curated "best of" site, along with such luminaries as Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Merle Travis, John Renbourn, Tommy Emmanuel, and Alex De Grassi. He was interviewed in the December 2009 Les Paul issue of Guitar Player Magazine about the scalloped fretboard guitar and the application of the rules of Indian raga to the music of Jimi Hendrix as exemplified by "Purple Raga" from his debut solo recording, Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar.

The Workshops and Skype Lessons

Matthew Montfort offers instruction based on Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities through online lessons via Skype and rhythm workshops at conservatories, public schools, and resorts.

The Quotes

"You can view this deceptively slim masterwork from a few different angles: as a friendly yet serious appetizer on three of the most sophisticated rhythm systems on earth; a chance to work on your rhythmic sight reading; a three-culture dip with matching mp3s for your ears; a gateway to exotic spices, complete with MIDI files, for your songwriting or drumming; or a fun way to organically digest complex time signatures. No matter how you slice it, this scholarly labor of love is packed with rich flavors for those patient enough to harvest them." – E.E. Bradman, Bass Player Magazine

"You've heard Afro-Pop, sitar, gamelan and world music for years. But do you know what they are and how they work? Better yet, would you like to play those twisted cross-rhythms and melodies? In Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities, Matthew Montfort, a founding member of the world music band Ancient Future, has put together the book for people who want to dig into world music with both hands. The first section of the book covers traditional music of West Africa, Bali and India with theories and exercises. Wherever possible, Montfort has provided beat counts alongside the standard musical notation so even if you can't read music, you can still learn the rhythms. The last section of the book mixes patterns from different cultures, demonstrating the powerful music these simple exercises can generate." – Richard Kadrey, San Francisco Chronicle

"A hands-on exploration of Balinese, African, and Indian rhythms that should appeal to all musicians. One needn't play percussion instruments, or any instruments at all, for that matter, to use and benefit from the book." – Drums and Drumming

"A very practical manual. There is enough material to keep interested musicians busy for years. Montfort has done a great service for western musicians interested in world music. A pleasure to work with." – Option

"Very highly recommended for any instrumentalists hoping to expand their rhythmic horizons. If you've never investigated the beautiful clash of African polyrhythm, the incredible interlocking textures of Balinese music, or the complex metric structure of Indian classical music, check out Ancient Traditions – it will blow your mind and deepen your groove." – Guitar Player

"If you're tired of programming your drum machine with the same old 4/4 back-beat, or you want to sharpen your rhythmic chops, this book is highly recommended." – Electronic Musician

"An excellent book for use in percussion technique sessions or other classroom situations. The descriptive material is lucidly written and is aimed at a novice." – Percussive Notes

"Not just a book about world music, but a guide book on how to create it. Sections include styles of Northern and Southern India, West Africa and Balinese gamelan. In the 'Future Possibilities' section, you see how to combine styles into something new, weird and beautiful." – Covert Culture Sourcebook

"Offers a series of enjoyable exercises based on authentic rhythms and mnemonic found in the featured cultures. Appropriate for grade 3+ though adult expert, all can be performed using hands, voice, body or desks, cans, etc. or traditional instruments." – World Music at West Music

The Performers

Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities has been used and admired by many teachers and musicians around the world.

Lou Harrison (1917-2003), prominent composer and founder of the American gamelan movement, called the work "a very useful contribution to musical scholarship."

Reinhard Flatischler, founder of the TaKeTiNa rhythm training process, was an early enthusiast of the method book.

John Bergamo (1940-2013), composer and coordinator of the percussion department at the California Institute of the Arts, found a copy of Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities when he cleaned out his desk at retirement. As he finally had the time available, he worked his way through it, after which he called the author to thank him for writing it, and encouraged him to write more world music training manuals. One is in the works.

Steve Smith, stellar jazz and rock drummer of Journey fame, went through the book in preparation for a percussion summit with tabla master Zakir Hussain.

Start your own journey to musical excellence with Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities!

The Promotion

Ancient Traditions Future Possibilities Audio Guide Tracks One Sheet

Review and exam copies of the Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Audio Guide and MIDI Groove Tracks are available as downloads to media outlets and music schools. Send requests to

The promotion campaign includes rhythm workshops at conservatories, public schools, and resorts; videos at; interviews and reviews in major newspapers, magazines, web sites, and on radio; and free introductory rhythm lessons online at Ancient-Future.Com, a high traffic world music education site.

The Retail and Wholesale Outlets

Available online at, and wholesale to retail outlets and music schools from:

Ancient-Future.Com Books and Records, P.O. Box 264, Kentfield CA 94914-0264.
Email: Tel: 415-459-1892.


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Shawnee Kilgore and Joss Whedon \

Joss Whedon & Shawnee Kligore have shared an exclusive video of them creating their single " Break The Skin" at Ocean Studios in Burbank, California.


We’ve all seen glimpses of Joss Whedon’s musical-theatre side. Tunes from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and “Once More, With Feeling” from Buffy have been stuck in all of our heads. But did you know that Joss Whedon has also tapped into his singer-songwriter folky side?We can now add co-writing and producing an EP with Texas singer songwriter, Shawnee Kilgore to the mix.

Pouring his heart into writing the majority of lyrics, Joss Whedon gets personal and this video you can see him in full fun collaboration mode. This collaboration began as story like no other. One late night, Joss Whedon, alone in a hotel room on the road was scrolling through Kickstarter and became instantly moved by Shawnee Kilgore’s voice and music. He backed her project selecting the reward of a personalized original song. He took it one step further by asking to write the song with her. Lyrics and melodies were passed between the two, and they enjoyed collaborating so much ”Back to Eden” the EP was born.


Take a look at "Break the Skin"




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Posted by: Lehna

After 6 month in India, finishing the track "Govinda" and  performing a lot withy my new band Arambolla and jamming with different musicians from around the world i have been 3 month in Moldavia.
I had the great pleasure to participate in the "Art Labyrinth" festival in Moldavia. There i started my new project "Gates of silence" music for mediation. It was a beautiful festival in the middle of the Moldavian countryside. Surrounded from forests and wild flower fields i was playing for some mediation groups. There i realized how great to is to play for people who are mediate or doing yoga.
Now the first tracks are released on Bandcamp
Lets see how it goes but for sure i will do more music in this direction.

Thanx for reading. Send you love from around the world.


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Meet The King of Hwange HipHop

Full name:Junior Garnet Mandlenkosi Dube

Albums/Mixtapes:Imma Shine Mixtape(2015)

Honours:5 times Mat North Music Awards Nominations(2015)
1 time(s) Mat North Music Award Winner(2015),3 time 2016 MNMA nominee
Zimrapcities Best of 2015 top 10(number 4)
Perfomances:Changamire HipHop Festival alongside CalVin,P.O.Y,GULUVA 7 & Mzoe 7
BIGGER THAN HIPHOP alongside UpperKlass,Mc Tytoh,CalVin,P.
O.Y,Young Target & TearDream Kings

J Garnet is also the founder and brand ambassador of J.G Nation,I AM JGARNET & REALNDEBELE Clothings.
Estimated Crowd per show:90-200 heads

Airplay:Because im me(video) 2 ZBC airplays and 1 BosTV/CT Live airplay
RealNdebele:Powerfm Future Hits list & Top 40.Best Chat #18.Jr Solomon(Ĺesotho National Radio)
#Empumalanga.Featured on one if Africa's best sites,,Skyz Metro top 20 chart list,RapperHolix Lounge top 20 charts list.Video is currently on ZBC,First aired on the HipHop263 Show with Naboth Rizla

Born in a family of 3,Junior Garnet is the only member to partake a journey in the music industry,a journey that he began in 2010 during high school.In the process he has released a mixtape which has sold ovet a 300 copies,Launched a clothing line and a music marketing stable(J.G Nation).
J Garnet,so known by his fans is working on his first ever album that he plans to release later in 2017 and he believes that this is finally his year to make things right as he spent recent years strategising and looking for connections and a few tips.

Contact Details:twitter @juniorgarnet2

Facebook Page:J Garnet/J.G Nation


Call/Whatsapp +263783227946/ +263717593152


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It's all about networking, For the past few weeks i've bin engaging & investing my time into my music . As my brother Allways say u have to walk with your music 'aka' networking. Maybe for all this time i was a bit stuborn or jus did not se the Bigger picture,but now i see the light . PUSH PUSH PUSH  walk with your music, along side your music, Do Not sit on your music, NETWORK the music ...


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Boi Tunna Released  15 May Taidanana ft New Kid, Symplex and Tsitsi. From The Stories Off The Missing Pages Album

May 15 (Taidanana) is a track by Boi Tunna off his Stories Off The Missing Pages album which features various artists. The song talks about an old lover from the past who for unknown reasons just decided to left on May 15 leaving the other one with lot of questions, inquiries and thoughts to ponder. The song features NewKid, Simplexx and Tsitsi. It was recorded in less than an hour and the funny
part about the song is that Boi Tunna didn't want to record it and had to forced to put some verse to it. However the song went on to become one of cool and chilling sounds which the people were quick to embrace and relate to. The also carries a sequel element of Every Summer another song by Boi Tunna.


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Skilz New Release  \

Skilz has the kind of voice that  captures your attention immediately. Sultry and smoldering, it pairs perfectly with the hauntingly powerful music she creates. Her tracks are full of atmosphere, building from quiet moments to powerful emotional climaxes. This singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has talent for days. Her brand new single track  " X's and Y's " is a track bringing out  the feeling anyone can have towards their ex's. Skilz here is saying she doesnt have  ex's but Y's (why's) like WHY did she love them? .This song will touch the hearts of many people and definately many people will fall in love with this brand new song of Skilz


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Despite the labels' varying ages, reach, and aesthetic, everyone in attendance could agree that the business related tasks that come with releasing a record are too much for one person, or band, to handle on their own. It's a great and educational conversation that covers almost every aspect of what indie labels do, including re-emerging cassettes, the difficulties of vinyl, national and global expansion, distribution, major label partnerships, touring, photography, Bandcamp benefits, managing submissions, and managing artist expectations.Record labels are the companies that market recorded music and music videos. Record labels engage in a wide range of functions in the music industry including new artist recruitment and development (known as A & R), music publishing and copyright enforcement. Marketing is one of a record label's most important functions, as public awareness of the brand is the way that they make their money. Record label logos and their contact information once figured prominently in the center of vinyl records, which is how labels such as Arista, Capitol and Epic became household names.


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To support and believe in the success of upcoming artists was and always will be a matter  close to the label's heart  and so the label is constantly scouting for fresh talent to develop  and produce. VIP MUSIC GROUP focuses on electronica, deep house ,Jazz, rnb, dancehall ,break beats, hiphop, broken beats and techno. Notable signings who are helping to spread the label's name  include Kid Zeast , Tinie Jay , Pablo ,  Will Weezy, Boi Tunna , Fresco Boy, Sean Talent , Diamond Kid, Tinky, Nicky, Tucciey, Mia , Cleo , Stania and Millie. The label is American and Zimbabwaen based. Thank you for opening your  hearts and extending your love and support.


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Zvinhu Zvirikushupa on hit!!! Fresco boy ft G bells

Shingirira hit maker is back again with another banger. Famous Fresco Boy has did it again , this time with rock G Bells. Fresco and G bells they have released a banger titled 'Zvinhu Zvikushupa'. This brand new song is painting a modern picture of our lives  , the difficulties which people are facing and how there are striving to get  dollars. The content of the song is educative. it alludes a moral lesson on how to care and understand others .This brand new song will definately be a hit.It was produced by Oskid one of the best producers in Zimbabwe.


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Josh Taerk Brings Back the Good Ole\' Days of Rock N Roll with New Single

Josh Taerk has an amazing history - he was playing local venues in Toronto when Max Weinberg - drummer for Bruce Springsteen – saw him play. Max was so impressed, he  invited Josh to open for him at his sold out show in New Jersey, as well as play with him onstage to pay tribute to the late Clarence Clemons at Summerfest. He was then selected to play the 7908 John Oates Aspen Songwriters Festival, where he met another great mentor and now friend, John Oates who would later record back up vocals on his album and connect him to his producer Teddy Morgan.


Listen to “Rock N Roll On” Here:


This past year, Josh toured the U.S. where his latest single “Anywhere Love Took Us” charted on Hot AC Commercial Radio. On tour, Josh and his band have opened for famed blues guitarist Robin Trower (Procol Harum), Kevin Costner & Modern West, Jon McLaughlin, Austin Jones amongst others; and have played shows from coast to coast. They even headlined a show in his hometown of Toronto this past March.



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VIP MUSIC DISTRIBUTION is an American  record company. The Company was  founded by Nicole Beechy and Jason Millz.  VIP MUSIC GROUP is one of the most productive record label at present and yet comprises of artist that are the most selling artist in the hiphop industry. And yet one of the labels with numerous members. Our vision and mission  is the same basis of Symphonic Distribution.We believe that every independent music creator should have access to technolgy resources ,and knowledge that will improve their chances of success .Through an open and transparent line of  communication , continuous development of our platforms, and passion for music and its creators, we will always work hard to be a trusted partner of every music creator to ensure that they are on the same playing fields as majors.


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Kid Zeast ft Sir Jay Mamero [Diss reply,]~.

Prepare to hear another
banger from Kid Zeast titled 'Mamero'.This time Zeast is featuring Sir Jay. "Mamero" is a diss reply track of Double Tag Team diss track. Sir Jay and Kid Zeast will be dropping this track soon. Skyfall Zuze is producing and mastering "Mamero". Soon after 'Mamero" Zeast will also be releasing "PAMAFARO TIRI TII". Stay alert


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Will Wezzy \

Zimbabwean native Will Wezzy came onto the scene strong with release of his infectious No 1 single , "Zvakapressa". The song was more successful. Again Will Weezy is working on single track titled " Tamba Musika" which will be released soon. The track will be the next hit song in the charts.He will finally give his fans a taste of what they had been missing .Stay alert the track will be dropping any time


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Boi Spencer  Mwari Makanyanya Review

*Mwari makanyanya* has been a track on repeat on many tracklists and we feel obliged to offer you a detail of how boy Spencer was inspired to write that song.

It's actually not a remix of Tocky vibes song Mai nini but its a re-make since the theme is way different.Boy Spencer have been up and been down but with all this he have seen the goodness of God.Mwari means God and Makanyanya means you are too much.The title its self is self explanatory.

"God is good especially for me and my hip hop"
That's a quote from Spencer

The song was composed by the Mari iya hit maker himself and recorded and mastered by Zvare of show time entertainment.

You can request for it on 0784900539
Or click the link

#*ndopa vanhu hip hop*
#*pamwe ndini ndiri wrong*
#*team XO*


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 Lisa Marie Ellingsen's "A Little Help From Above"

Singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Ellingsen’s alt-Americana sound has a timeless quality. Combining accomplished guitar playing with clear, heartfelt vocals, Ellingsen’s music is influenced by many uniquely American styles, including rock n’ roll, blues, folk, and country. The sound is refreshingly down-to-earth, with a quality reminiscent of her musical heroes Lucinda Williams and Kathleen Edwards.

​A compilation of both old and new original songs, the upcoming Lisa Marie Ellingsen album “Nola to Noho” is a tribute to the circuitous route the songwriter took as a musician. Produced by Grammy nominated producer Anand Nayak, the album was recorded at Sonelab Studios (Easthampton, MA) and mastered by Mark Alan Miller, also at Sonelab Studios. The album features Ellingsen’s originals, with Ellingsen on rhythm, lead guitar, harmonica and vocals. Boasting Anand Nayak on guitar, mandolin, and pedal steel, Paul Kochanski on bass, and Jason Smith on drums, the album also features Saera Kochanski/Wishbone Zoe (back-up vocals) and singer-songwriter Kris Delmhorst (back-up vocals and cello). “Nola to Noho” gives fans a satisfying taste of Ellingsen’s alt-Americana sound. While the album features some straightforward rock n’ roll numbers, there is a country leaning to some of the songs, such as “The Nightlife” and “Estela.” “Nola to Noho” also offers songs with a more oldtime sound, such as “A Little Help from Above,” along with a feature instrumental. Ellingsen’s lyrics deal with issues of being comfortable with one’s own identity, mental health struggles, and political apathy, along with some more whimsical themes, such as the (fictional) true crime tune “The Getaway.”


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Support our Community Project / Crowdfunding Campaign

Dear Ethnocloud Community,

Until recently, Folklang was a project at the local college and was funded by the city of Tübingen and the German Federal Office for Migrants and Refugees (BAMF). This funding has now run out and we are trying to stand on our own feet. In the last two years a community of over 100 musicians from all over the world has come together in Tübingen around this project, and life wouldn’t be the same without it. We want to keep Folklang going, and with your support we can!!


Check out our Crowdfunding Campaign here:

If you like what you see and hear, please share the link with your friends and family!


If you want to be kept up to date on the project, sign up here:


Thank you,





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1403 Brings out the Stars \

1403 explores emotions and sounds outside his professional purview. The results are singular, but also invite a wide swath of artful comparisons, including Coldplay, Radiohead, Adele, and Paolo Nutini.


“Tonight,” is a romantic slice of singer-songwriter intimacy showcasing 1403's dreamy vocals. The song’s emotionality is raw but the source of turmoil artfully veiled, is it expressing desperate love or despondency over death? The album’s darkly gorgeous video favors the former interpretation with an elegant and amorous night-themed narrative.


It was produced by Grammy Award-winning Philadelphia-based Joe ‘The Butcher’ Nicolo (Fugees, Billy Joel, Lauryn Hill).


"Tonight" by 1403:




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It\'s \

Lead by Washington, D.C.-based musician Carter Louthian, Carter Lou & the Project's beginnings stem from tragic circumstances. The night before he was set to go to college, Lou snapped: his two best friends had recently killed themselves a day apart, and his girlfriend had just broken his heart. Combined with the reality of the packaged post-college suburban life he was heading toward, he felt even more emptiness. He boldly told his parents that he wasn't going to university in the morning and has chosen to pursue music instead. Since then, the band has packed out numerous headlining shows and earning a prestigious endorsement from PRS Guitars.


"Do Or Die" is the video for first single from Carter Lou & the Project's forthcoming self-titled album, produced by Mark Williams and Rick Beato (Shinedown, Needtobreathe). The single's lyrical content arises from Lou's past heartbreak and finding the strength and trust to fall back in love again.


"Do Or Die":


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A is for Atom Releases New Single, \

Mike Cykoski, the man behind the arty, literate indie-pop project A Is for Atom, has had a distinguished career in the music business, but a few transformative events drastically altered his path. Now, he welcomes a new era experimenting with pop dance, electronic compositions inspired by classic rock, and an electronic crooner track.Mike is releasing a new EP in September which is a collaboration with up-and-coming producer Carey Clayton (Emily Thomas, Ian Abel, Mary Akpa, Stephanie Rivers--Guitar Player-Great Good Fine Ok and David Wax Museum).


The first single is “No Signal” a song with a driving and hypnotic beat and ferocious vocal duet  featuring New York City singer Clara Lofaro. It’s all  about the disconnect between intention and emotion in the modern world.


A is for Atom “No Signal”



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Moses Guest Spread the \

Moses Guest have been a band for over 25 years and I have had the pleasure of working with them since the very beginning when all of us were based out in Colorado.  Moses Guest toured the Rocky Mountain region extensively but now they call Houston, TX. Home.

Their new album also titled Light drops August 4th. 
Moses Guest has been creating quite a name for themselves in recent years. They have shared the stage with several high-profile acts including Moe., Steve Miller Band, JGB, Willie Nelson, Los Lobos, Leftover Salmon, String Cheese Incident, Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise, Jayhawks, Lisa Loeb, Colonel Bruce Hampton & the Fiji Mariners to name a few.

For Light, the studio focus is evident. The record marks the line-up’s twentieth anniversary and is their first album release since 2007’s Best Laid Plans. The super-tight, super-polished performances and arrangements hearken back to Moses Guest’s 2002 self-titled release.'


Moses Guest "Light"



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Getting \

First Blush is the brainchild of Charles Sekel, a former Julliard pre-college program kid-turned-indie musician. Sekel's music is a reflection of his battle to defeat a continuous cycle of self-destructive behavior stemming back nearly a decade. From his college days as a classical/jazz musician at the Peabody Institute, Sekel struggled with alcohol abuse and panic attacks, and turned to original music to help with his mental health. Now completely sober thanks to the help of music, a good therapist and assistance from his girlfriend (now wife,) he was able to pull himself out of addiction and confidently release his solo venture.


"As dark and heavy as it turned out, the music video for Gold started in a pretty silly place: GIFs. I love a good GIF meme, especially if it's well-placed to maximize its comedic effect. But I began wondering if the concept of GIFs could be used in a more serious, dramatic context to invoke feelings of monotony and dread. The director, Adio Ash, created a variety of different scenes to explore different aspects of that underlying concept and wove them together in a TV-channel-based narrative arc, to powerful and dizzying effect."


 Watch First Blush


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Millie The New Rising Pop Star

Mihlayenkosi Mitchell Malibha populary known as Millie. Born and raised in GweruGweru home town and attended Best CollegeThis Gweru-bred beauty takes her music into her own hands: she writes, sings and even is even a self taught producer. Millie kicked off her blossoming music career by covering classic Shona rap tracks which paved a way to her rise. Millie is a big fan of Ciara , She is also one of the best fashion désigner's in région 263


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Team X\'O ZW The New Major Element of Zimhiphop

The newly established Record and Clothing Label Team X❤O ZW is heading for a World record.Over the course of their relatively short careers ,Team X"O Zw has attracted the attention of many.They have accumulated number of hits in Zimbabwe and millions of followers.Some of their names may seem familiar as they have less or more 'broken" among nichi listenerships already.The newly established Record and Clothing Label Team X❤O ZW is heading for a World record.Over the course of their relatively short careers ,Team X"O Zw has attracted the attention of many.They have accumulated number hits in Zimbabwe and millions of followers.Some of their names may seem familiar as they have less or more 'broken" among pop listenerships already.Others are likely new to you. What they all have in common is that they're working outside of traditional genre lines, as many of the most exciting artists right now are, and they're poised to have a big 2017. With Team X"O 263 ZimHiphop will never be the same


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The newly established Record and Clothing Label Team X❤O ZW is heading for a World record.Over the course of their relatively short careers ,Team X"O Zw has attracted the attention of many.They have accumulated number of hits in Zimbabwe and millions of followers.Some of their names may seem familiar as they have less or more 'broken" among nichi listenerships already.The newly established Record and Clothing Label Team X❤O ZW is heading for a World record.Over the course of their relatively short careers ,Team X"O Zw has attracted the attention of many.They have accumulated number hits in Zimbabwe and millions of followers.Some of their names may seem familiar as they have less or more 'broken" among pop listenerships already.Others are likely new to you. What they all have in common is that they're working outside of traditional genre lines, as many of the most exciting artists right now are, and they're poised to have a big 2017. With Team X"O 263 ZimHiphop will never be the same


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Tinie Jay Taking Zim HipHop to Another Level

Tinie Jay Shaquille chitonho ( born 19 January 1998 ) ,better known by his stage name Tinie Jay is a Zimbabwean male rapper and song writer raised in Harare . Tinie Jay began his career as a battle rapper in his teens. He used DVDs as a means of showcasing his talent as an underground artist including in it his original music, freestyles and collaborations with other artists. He has released a few studio albums so far in his music career. He grew up in Harare but later shifted to Bulawayo ,where he stayed for 6 years. The rapper attended Milton High School. Tine Jay started to concentrate with Music after High School and he launched his own indie music clique called the Old Dawg Ent. His hit single track titled "Pretty Ladies" paved a way to his rise. His music is influencial and most of the hip hop listeners fall in love with it.


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Mia The Queen


Real name:Michelle Tariro Mwenda
Birth place: Harare
Notes ;Michelle Tariro Mwenda ,simply known as Mia is a female singer, songwriter and a chereographer.Mia wanted to have a career in sports at first. After singing in church during her childhood,she persuad a career in gospel music as a teenager but when she met Jason Millz at the age of 16 ,she fell in love with rap music. Mia signed with VIP Entertainment and Millz signed her to his first record deal. She began using her stage name while she was performing as a dancer at high School. Mia attended Westhood Hirentials College, where she discovered her talent , with the help of her two school friends. Currently she is working on her new mixtape titled 'Ambition' which is set to be dropped soon


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Pijenda - Kineyo New Album Review by TunedLoud

If there is one thing that musicians and artists loathe, it is being put in labeled boxes in an attempt to define their sound. Genres are a creation of Record Labels in a bid to find specific markets for their artists. This has, over the years, become a mixed bag of fortunes working in favor for those artists seeking commercial success and against the underground artists who are usually more concerned with just making good music. Whether it becomes a hit or not is usually secondary. We are in a world defined by all manner of awards, competitions and radio stations to make the super star grade – the things that define how many opportunities an artist will be able to access, such as concerts, brand endorsements etc.

Therefore, unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at the subject, music genres and categorization of sounds is here to stay. The best we can do, is use this machinery to highlight new good music coming from Africa – that new music which has its roots in African Folk, Soul and Jazz sounds, which we often refer to as world music, for lack of a better more defined and better labeled box.

One such purveyor of Afro Jazz, and Jazz Fusion, is Pijenda, a talent from the North West Region of Cameroon. Named “The Humming Bird”, Pijenda blends his unique high pitched voice with a soprano sax and Cameroonian-style rhythm guitar playing, to bring us the eclectic 8 track album entitled “Kineyo”, released via the US based World Music Label Akumba Music LLC. One listen through this debut album, and we can feel Pijenda’s powerful, soulful, confident presence.

He is among the new breed of musicians that are pointing the way towards Afro-Jazz’s future as much as giving homage to its legacy. He is the type of musician that is pushing the boundaries of musical experimentation and expression and making it current and accessible to a new audience.

Pijenda is a young man enjoying the work and collaboration around him. As a child he used the native West Africa Flute to transmit the rich cultural and ethnic sounds from his environment, which led him to later pick up the guitar and blend it into his acute musical style. It is said that good music entertains. Great music makes you feel a truth. The best music does both.

After listening to tracks like “Talali”, “Kineyo”, “Owofu” and “Mundwa”, the audience can be assured that Pijenda has the capability to do both. Singing in Chrambo, a language spoken by the Ngoketungia people, Pijenda excels in the scat style, creating extremely precise and nimble vocal arrangements, combining voice and sax, with teasing tones that keep the 4/4 and 6/8 rhythms on its toes.

Pijenda’s voice is pure sound, pure feeling, pure like a saxophone is pure, like a young and transforming heart is pure as it seeks a better world. I do not obviously understand the lyrics to these songs, but to be sure, Pijenda’s message is his music, but it is also his unflinching desire to turn the negative into a positive that inspires his performances. Like many artists from his continent of origin, I would imagine that delving into the very roots of black music, Pijenda uses spirituals as a source of inspiration, reflecting faith, resistance and resilience.

Thankfully this music was allowed to reach our shores via the extraordinary work of AKUMBA MUSIC LLC, an Afro Jazz and World Music Label based in the US, focusing on blending African rhythms with jazz. Aside from producing Pijenda’s debut album, at the end of 2016, the label produced another pair of artists: Achu Normad’s album “Alieh” and “Right Perspective” an album by Wazih. These recordings are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDbaby and all major music sites.

Official Links:



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Andrew Mancilla Gets Colorful

Andrew Mancilla conjures that heady mix of pheromones, cocktails, and infectious beats that envelope you in a dance club. His soulful falsetto leads the charge through a fantasyland. “Ultimately, my new record Subtractive Color, is about fun, love, and youthful excitement. It’s about taking a limited set of emotions and creating a broad spectrum of vividly intense ones. Thus, the title.”


A pre-fame Lady Gaga was a creative catalyst for Andrew. Despite showing promise early on as an adept multi-instrumentalist, versatile and competent on trumpet, baritone sax, piano, and guitar, he lacked focus and discipline. The pair casually worked together while attending NYU.


Listen to “Rewire” & “It Wasn’t Me” from Subtractive Color here:



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Reid Lee Shares Prominent Video for \

Reid Lee brings to us today his hard-hitting video for "Save the Best," which focuses on domestic violence in the LGBTQ community.


Watch "Save the Best" here 

Reid explains, "I’ve been in love, but love isn’t always healthy or good for you. As I went down memory lane with clearer eyes (and some therapy), I saw the reoccurring pattern of behavior in not only myself, but my partners as well. For me personally, it stemmed from alcoholism in my family that unfolding later in partners. Abuse can be subtle, it can sneak into your life under the guise of affection, or jealousy, or worry;  and once it takes root, it grows quickly and can explode without warning.

This video, for me, is about how the nebulous line between affection and aggression is like the wave on the sand, constantly moving; and just how uncomfortable living in that space can be. The shoreline is constant, but just because you’re dry at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t be flooded when the tide comes in. You can wake up one morning and realize that you’ve slowly let yourself drown because the water kept saying “I love you.”"


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Kat Pace Sets Eyes on her \

Kat's a hometown Philly girl who writes with empathy, earnestness, poetic elegance, and dashes of quirkiness. Her previous release was reminiscent of a post piano-pop decade Sara Bareilles, but in 2017 she's exploring a whole new sound. After hitting the studio with nine-time Grammy award-winning producer Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo (Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill), Kat is embracing a more soulful pop aesthetic. The resulting first single "Revenge" is a track rooted in R&B that touches on the strength that comes from heartbreak.​ Lately, Kat’s music infuses those early influences to create a soul-pop aesthetic. Lyrically, Kat writes with empathy, earnestness, poetic elegance, and dashes of quirkiness. Her vocals possess a dynamic emotionality that doesn’t sacrifice pristine pitch and melody for plaintive, from-the-heart expression. 


Listen to Kat Pace's "Revenge" via Soundcloud:



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Christopher Hawley Stuns with \

Singer-Songwriter Christopher Hawley is spreading his wings in a way he never has before with co-writer Randy Wooten on board. His latest album endeavor, Stories, is beautifully produced as it takes a roots-rock palate and adds memorable touches like barrel-house piano, reverb-soaked guitar, and even modern synth sounds. Hawley’s up-front vocals lend the songs a remarkable sense of intimacy.However it’s the collaboration between the two songwriters that makes Stories shine. The songs are smart and compelling, and there’s a depth to the tales they tell that makes you want to listen closer.


Christopher Hawley "9 Tattoos"


Christopher Hawley Socials:



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McCoy Tyler Shares Stunning New EP \

Leading us into the weekend, we give a listen to the latest record from Americana-laced McCoy Tyler, titled “26.” Throughout the record he impresses with an eclectic sound that entices with every listen. Focus track “Neighbors” is an excellent summer time song - a blast to have playing during a barbecue or during a roadtrip. Swooping piano melodies and fun classic guitar riffs carry the listener to a happy, sunny day with friends. All the while, the lyrics spread the love, genuinely persuading you to have a good time regardless of what the neighbors might think.



Similarly, his use of instruments is that of an experienced Americana rock artist; it brings with it fond memories of popular songs such as “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. The lyrics dab in topics such as love, heartbreak, and getting together with friends, while still bringing something new to the table and maintaining a level of maturity that isn’t often found in pop culture today.“26” is very impressive release. It is clear that McCoy is an exceptional vocalist, with a voice that is unique while simultaneously familiar enough to be accepted into the hearts of listeners happily. 


Purchase McCoy Tyler's "26" on Bandcamp now:


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Daemonia Nymphe headliners at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2017!!

Very happy to announce that Daemonia Nymphe are the headliners of the Wave Gotik Treffen 2017 in Leipzig/Germany!!

On Saturday, 3rd of June at the Heidnisches Dorf!!

Performance time: 21:50
#wgt2017 #daemonianymphe #HeidnischesDorf


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Music Matters - Restoring the Ritual of Reverent Resonance

Ancient Future Times

Ancient Future Times: Music Matters - Restoring the Ritual of Reverent Resonance

June 2017 Issue:

Guest Castaway on Desert Island Jazz on KCSM
•Inspirations for the World Fusion Music of Ancient Future

Get a SFIAF Festival Pass!
•Guitar-Sitar Jugalbandi, June 1; Mariah Parker, June 3; Global Guitar Summit, June 4

'Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert' by Mariah Parker on JazzWeek/ZMR Charts!
•Six Weeks in the JazzWeek Top 50 and Debuting at Number #22 on ZMR World

Music Matters
•Restoring the Ritual of Reverent Resonance

Listen and Learn
•Expand Your Experience of Music

Guest Castaway on Desert Island Jazz on KCSM

Alisa Clancy Interviews Matthew Montfort on KCSM

Inspirations for the World Fusion Music of Ancient Future

On Friday, May 26, at 9 AM, Matthew Montfort was Alisa Clancy's Guest Castaway on Desert Island Jazz on KCSM Jazz 91.1 FM, playing his music right along side the music that influenced it. He even brought out the original vinyl copies of the recordings that he listened to over and over in his youth!

This is a rare chance to hear timeless music from the past along with unreleased music from Ancient Future's Archive of Future Ancient Recordings. Also discussed are three concerts at the San Francisco International Arts Festival: Ancient Future on 6/1, Mariah Parker's Indo Latin Chamber Jazz on 6/3, and the Global Guitar Summit on 6/4.

The radio show will be archived through June 8, 2017, at, so stream it now!

KCSM Desert Isle LP Picks

Desert Island Picks

Intro: Mariah Parker, Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert, Milo's Moment, Ancient-Future.Com Records
# 1: Ancient Future, The Best of A.F.A.R. (So Far), Purple Nam/Purple Haze, Ancient-Future.Com Records
# 2: Django Reinhardt, The Essential Django Reinhardt, Minor Swing, RCA
# 3: The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Birds of Fire, Hope, Columbia
# 4: Osamu Kitajima, Benzaiten, Benzaiten, Antilles
# 5: Paco de Lucia, Paco, Entre Dos Aguas, Island
# 6: Ancient Future, The Best of A.F.A.R. (So Far), Tres Tarantas Tres, Ancient-Future.Com Records
# 7: Diga Rhythm Band, Diga, Sweet Sixteen, United Artists
# 8: Ravi Shankar, Music Festival from India,Vandana, A&M
# 9: Ancient Future, Planet Passion, Socha Socha, Ancient-Future.Com Records
# 10: Oregon, Out of the Woods, Yellow Bell, Elektra
# 11: Ancient Future, The Best of A.F.A.R. (So Far), East of the Sun, Ancient-Future.Com Records
# 12: Instruments for Elephants by Dave Soldier and Richard Lair, Thai Elephant Orchestra, Thun Kan Sunrise, Mulatta Records
# 13: Ancient Future, Natural Rhythms, Hummingbird, Ancient-Future.Com Records

Book: Classical Music of North India, the First Years of Study: The Music of the Baba Allauddin Gharana as Taught by Ali Akbar Khan at the Ali Akbar College of Music, George Ruckert, Ed.

Luxury Item: Chocolate

Get a SFIAF Festival Pass!

San Francisco International Arts Festival Logo

Guitar-Sitar Jugalbandi, June 1; Mariah Parker, June 3; Global Guitar Summit, June 4

Ancient-Future.Com Records artists will perform three different concerts as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival at Fort Mason. A festival pass let's you see five different SFIAF shows for only $70!

Ancient Future Guitar-Sitar Jugalbandi, June 1, Chapel, Fort Mason

Matthew Montfort and Pandit Habib Khan

Thursday, June 1, 2017, 8 PM, Ancient Future Guitar-Sitar Jugalbandi with Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar), Pandit Habib Khan (sitar), and Ferhan Najeeb Qureshi (tabla), San Francisco International Arts Festival, Fort Mason Chapel, Upper Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94109. Take Franklin Street from Bay Street. The Chapel is located near Park Head Quarters and the General's Residence. Admission: $25 general, $12.50 under 18. Full time students with ID and seniors, $4 off cover price. Festival Pass, 5 shows for $70 (also see Global Guitar Summit 6/4, Indo Latin Jazz 6/3, and 2 more!). Buy Tix. Concert Poster. Press Release.

Jugalbandi is a classical North Indian musical duet (meaning literally "tied together"). This jugalbandi works well because Matthew Montfort is a pioneer of the scalloped fretboard guitar with knowledge of sitar, and Pandit Habib Khan has been described as the “Jimi Hendrix of the sitar” by L'Orient le Jour, Beirut's French language newspaper. They will be accompanied by tabla master Ferhan Qureshi.

Mariah Parker’s Indo Latin Chamber Jazz Quintet, June 3, Gallery 308, Fort Mason

Band Photos

Saturday, June 3, 2017, 6 PM, Mariah Parker's Indo Latin Chamber Jazz with Mariah Parker (piano, santur), Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar), Ian Dogole (percussion), Kash Killion (upright bass), and Jim Hurley (violin), San Francisco International Arts Festival, Gallery 308, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94109. Admission: $25 general, $12.50 under 18. Full time students with ID and seniors, $4 off cover price. Festival Pass, 5 shows for $70 (also see Ancient Future 6/1, Global Guitar Summit 6/4, and 2 more!). Buy Tix. Concert Poster. Press Release.

According to Latin Beat Magazine, "Parker and friends blend the rhythmic syncopations of Latin jazz music with the entrancing, asymmetrical meters of East Indian rhythms resulting in first-class world music." This chamber variation of the ensemble with its emphasis on strings will explore new arrangements of existing work.

Global Guitar Summit, June 4, Chapel, Fort Mason

Photos of Global Guitar Summit

Sunday, June 4, 2017, 3 PM, Global Guitar Summit with Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar), Giacomo Fiore (classical guitar), and Teja Gerken (acoustic guitar), San Francisco International Arts Festival, Fort Mason Chapel, Upper Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94109. Take Franklin Street from Bay Street. The Chapel is located near Park Head Quarters and the General's Residence. Admission: $25 general, $12.50 under 18. Full time students with ID and seniors, $4 off cover price. Festival Pass, 5 shows for $70 (also see Ancient Future 6/1, Indo Latin Jazz 6/3, and 2 more!). Buy Tix. Concert Poster. Press Release.

This Global Guitar Summit features American scalloped fretboard guitar and world fusion music pioneer Matthew Montfort, master Italian guitarist and musicologist Giacomo Fiore, and German fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Teja Gerken.

'Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert' by Mariah Parker on JazzWeek/ZMR Charts!

Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert CD Cover

Six Weeks in the JazzWeek Top 50 and Debuting at Number #22 on ZMR World

Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert by Mariah Parker (Ancient-Future.Com AF-20142).

Indo Latin Jazz Live in Concert captures the magic of the concert debut of Mariah Parker's Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble in front of a full house at Yoshi’s in Oakland, as well as subsequent concerts at Berkeley’s Freight & Salvage, the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, and Bob Weir’s TRI Studios in San Rafael. The recording includes Ancient Future musicians along with top Indian musicians and jazz and Latin players who have performed with Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, and Oregon. For example, jazz wind virtuoso Paul McCandless is known for his groundbreaking work with the seminal chamber jazz group, Oregon. Indo Latin Jazz Live in Concert spent six weeks on the very prestigious JazzWeek National Airplay Chart where it reached #32, and just debuted at #22 on the ZMR World Chart!

Music Matters

Photo of Instruments Used on Visions of a Peaceful Planet by Ancient Future

Restoring the Ritual of Reverent Resonance

Much is being lost in this age of connected cars and smart phones. The convenience of the quick click to free lo-fi streaming has made music simply a taken-for-granted background soundtrack to life.

Yet the real power in music comes from absorbing it into one's being and letting it resonate there to do its magic. One must become the music, and that isn't possible while scrolling through a twitter feed. The digital distraction of constant connection is keeping people from experiencing the moment they are in. Indeed, it is common to see people at live concerts buried in their phones ignoring the music pouring from the master musicians on stage.

Clearly it is time to bring back quality to your music listening experience. Instead of streaming background playlists for daily activities, devote time to become the music you love. Just listen and absorb the glorious sound into your being. In this way, music can be an antidote to the negative effects of digital distraction.

To accomplish this, buy hi-fi music and play it on a nice stereo. It is best to set up a home listening station. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but the old fashioned home stereo with a CD player and even a turntable is a fantastic option, and you can get one used cheap these days. Or, you can get a hi-resolution audio interface for your computer and buy a pair of powered monitors. Just make sure to play at least CD quality audio files. There is a big difference between CD quality and the standard compressed audio formats of the major download sites. You will hear and feel the difference when you are truly absorbing the music, and this difference is more pronounced on music with a lot of detail. Streaming music is even lower quality, and the major streaming sites don't even come close to making a sustainable financial contribution to an artist's ability to make new recordings, as payments are now measured in thousandth of a cent increments.

Mariah Parker's new CD is having an amazing run on the radio airplay charts. Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert is available at all of the major download and streaming sites. But a hi-resolution copy is needed to hear the record in its full glory. Yet, in a sign of the times, despite the great success of the record on radio, no one has purchased a CD copy at the Ancient Future website! Indeed, there have only been two CDs sold at Ancient-Future.Com this year. Before downloads and streaming, monthly sales ranged between $200 and $1000. Of course, this has a detrimental effect on the artist's ability to bring you new music.

You can be the very first to buy her CD at Ancient-Future.Com to hear it in its full glory. While you are at Ancient-Future.Com, take advantage of sale prices on a variety of CDs. There are even still a few very rare original copies of Ancient Future's first LP, Visions of a Peaceful Planet, available on vinyl for a truly analog listening experience!

In other news, work is being done right now to make it possible to download 24-bit hi-resolution audio at Ancient-Future.Com. Stay tuned!

Listen and Learn

Second Grade Rhythm Class

Expand Your Experience of Music

Learning about music is another way to absorb more of its magic into your life. Those who understand the structures of various musical traditions get more out of listening to them. The World Music Education section of Ancient-Future.Com provides a good introduction to that magic.

Matthew Montfort's book, Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India, can provide the next step on your path to getting more out of music. The book takes the student on a musical voyage through these great ancient rhythmic traditions with a series of exercises that require no instruments to perform. Through hand clapping, foot tapping, and vocal recitation, the traditions move right into your body. While the book does use standard music notation to convey the exercises, for those who can't read music counting is provided and the book is typeset so that page space equals time, which provides an excellent visual cue to the rhythms.

The exercises are available as a complete 2 CD set of 115 audio guide tracks to supplement the book for those who don't read music. For those comfortable with music production file formats, the exercises are also available as Ancient Rhythms – Future Grooves, a set of 128 MIDI percussion groove tracks for loading into a music sequencer or web browser. Work is being done to expand the educational offerings at Ancient-Future.Com through educational downloads, and Ancient Rhythms – Future Grooves is the very first to be offered!

Matthew Montfort offers private lessons on the traditions on the Ancient-Future.Com world music education web site via Skype. Instruction is tailored to the individual needs of the student, so don't be shy if you are just looking for explanations that will help you enjoy the music more. Music lessons make an excellent gift, and introductory sale rates on individual Skype lessons are being offered for a limited time.



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Looking for Events and Festivals thats Booking

Greetings friends in the music world. We are new to EthnoCloud and are very happy to be here. We are a music artist promotion and management company. we look for opportunities for our artist and help guide them in the right direction with their music careers. we have latin music artist in Spain (Canary Islands), Dominican Republic and the U.S.A. We would appreciate anyone assisting in booking our artist for shows in these areas. you can see visit our web page for bios, music, photos, videos and epks on our artist at, you for taking time to get to know us. hope you all enjoy our music.......Admin. at Open Flamez Music Group LLC of SWFL U.S.A.


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VI School & Jazz Competition 1st prize!

We are so happy we have won the 1st prize at VI School & Jazz Competition 2017.

Our pianist, Karolina Wiercioch have won individual award.


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Introducing Brian Fitzy....


Hailing from PA, Brian Fitzy is steadily proving himself to be a musical mainstay. With the release of his new single "No Idea," he brings out his Soulful side that is sugary sweet without all the fluff. This year we see Fitzy sharing his new record, and "No Idea," is the first taste of what he has to offer...and it's a delicious one. Of note, his vocals are sultry and notable, as the music and production value are on point. With a bit of retro flair picking up the pace, the result is a well-crafted song that will stand the test of time. From his upcoming ambitious release, "Hard Time for Dreamers," Brian Fitzy shows the world what he has to offer, one note at at time. Listen to "No Idea," below.


Brian Fitzy "No Idea"


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Daemonia Nymphe in the Netherlands at the EFF 2017 this weekend!

#DaemoniaNymphe at the Elf Fantasy Fair 2017 in the Netherlands! The Haarzuilens fair is the largest fantasy event in Europe and attracts some 22,500 visitors every year.

This weekend, 29th and 30th of April 2017


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Happy Abandon Announce East Coast Jaunt

Happy Abandon are currently on the road, as they take to the East Coast this month and next. With a stop at The Compound in Asheville, North Carolina tonight, we experience a band on the rise. Their unique and captivating sound has seen the group opening for artists such as Ben Sollee, The Love Language, Rubblebucket, Mutual Benefit, Vacationer, Widowspeak, Elephant Revival, Mother Mother, and more. Steadily making their way into the same realm of popularity, the group have been hitting the East Coast yet again with an unstoppable force, that also sees them heading overseas this Fall. Check out the remaining tour dates, below.



Thursday April 13th – Chapel Hill, NC – The Cave
Wednesday, April 19th – Asheville, NC – The Compound w/ TOMA (Austin, TX)
Thursday, April 20th – Salem, VA – Parkway Brewing Company w/ TOMA
Friday, April 21st – Washington, DC – The Velvet Lounge (headlining) w/ TOMA
Saturday April 22nd – New York City – Rockwood Music Hall w/ TOMA
Sunday, April 23rd – Philadelphia, PA – Pentajawn (house show) w/ TOMA
Saturday, May 20th – Carrboro, NC – The Cat’s Cradle
Friday, May 26th – Wrightsville Beach, NC – The Palm Room

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Cardamohm\'s first album \

A Seed is Cardamohm's first album, made of 8 tracks mixing wind instruments and electronic music. The CD comes in a beautiful digipack including a 12 pages booklet with a painting for each track, drawn by BaBa Shikoine. 

This CD also features 3 remixes as bonus tracks:
- La Embarcación (Johnfaustus Remix)
- A Seed (4bstr4ck3r Remix)
- Tazmania (Via'on Remix) 

Get it now for 15e (digipack CD) or 8e (digital HQ download) !


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New Waulk Records release

Waulk Records' latest release, due out in May 2017, is 'Veer', a scintillating and original collaboration between Portuguese percussionist and flute player Ricardo de Noronha and ethnic string player Griselda Sanderson. Guests include Soufian Saihi from Morocco on Oud, Nuno Silva on dulcimer and Louis Bingham on Tambura and cittern. More info coming soon!


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The Bolero. This song is the first one of a Tribute album to this kind of Latin musical genre.

This melody is a fantasy to the imagination. And bring back those times when this exceptional

music was at the top of the latin hit parade. Help us to rescue the Bolero. 


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about. Band IJM(아이즘)

Band IJM _ Eng

In a manifesto of “We don’t know world music. It’s just music.”, IJM as a band consists of West African percussion, sitar(Indian string), flute, Brazilian woodwind, base in a style of African blues and a Korean string called Haegeum.

 This mysterious(marvellous) combination of instruments bears each country’s soul. Every single one distinguishes itself by the indigenous playing skills and unique sounds, however, the polyphony they make together does not only stay as a simple integration but it recreates a new world.

 The new world stands definitely outside of traditional, jazz or experimental music. Therefore we are only able to say that it’s just music since our music is too multicolour to be tied up in the single category of ‘World music’.

  The rigid rhythm from Haedong, who learned percussion in West Africa, presents as the backbone with its rigidity and dryness rooted from hot country. Hansaembawy studied Indian classical music in Varanasi, India and his Sitar leads the melody with its exclusive and clear resonance. LeeKihyun vitalise IJM’s music with richness by playing the instruments including flute, Brazilian & West African woodwinds. Having trained on African blues and Brazilian music, Travis, the bassist, opens an infinite space to the band with his unconstrained rhythmical sense. On the top of that, ChoiMinjee who joined the band late as a Haegeum player gives a scent to the music through an echo of her sweet voice and Haegeum.


Bande IJM _ Fr

Mettant « On ne sait pas la musique mondiale. C’est juste une musique. » en avant, IJM est bande musicale qui se constitue de percussions de l’’Afrique de l’ouest, de Sitar(un instrument à cordes de l’Inde),  des bois Bréziliens à commencer par flûte et basse de sud-Afrique, y compris de Haeguem(un instrument traditionel de la Corée).

  Dans cette compostition mystère, les sentiments de chaque région se mettent et tous les instruments se représentent au clair par leur son et les techniques des musiciens. Néanmoins, l’harmonie qu’ils font surpasse une unité musicale, elle recrée un nouveau monde.

 Ce monde n’appartient ni à musique folkloriqe, ni à jazz, ni à musique expérimentale. Or, cette musique est si polychrome qu’on ne peut que dire « C’est juste une musique. » en abandonnant le cadre de musique mondiale.

Le rythme sec et rigide, donné par Haedong qui a appris la percussion en afrique de l’ouest, soutient la bande à travers les instruments et Hansaembawy qui s’est spécialisé en musique classique indienne à baranasi guide la mélodie avec son sitar dont le son est net et vivant. Lee Kihyun qui joue les bois du brézil et de l’afrique de l’ouest d’ailleurs la flûte, vitalise la musique d’IJM en brillance et Travis, qui établit ses fondements basés sur le blues africain et la musique brésilienne, ajoute un espace étendu par son rythme libre. En plus, la voix douce de Minjee Choi et son Haegeum redoublent d’éclat au parfum.


Digital album

iTunes _

Apple music _

BandCamp _




Contact :,


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Jacob Davich Shares \

If you are not familiar with Jacob Davich's music, you may recognize him from his film work as he appeared in such movies as The Aviator, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl and more. Currently taking a hiatus from his acting career, Davich has been making a name for himself with a string of successful singles in the past couple of years. Opening up 2017 with another impressive track, recently he reveals the new single, "My Father's Gun."

My Father’s Gun” serves as a classic folk and Americana song, which weaves a story of love, loss, and revenge as told through Davich’s soulful resonance. Davich’s voice can be seen as a hybrid of James Taylor and Jackson Brown, and the single features his crooning vocals, which pour over a beautiful orchestral arrangement. Davich’s classic style and vocal swagger truly represent what would be the transplant of a classic man in the modern day.“My Father’s Gun” is the lead single from Davich’s upcoming studio album Between the Lines, which was recorded at the famed Oceanway Studios, the hallowed hall of recordings by James Taylor, Count Basie, and Frank Sinatra.


Listen Jacob Davich "My Father's Gun"

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Judge Roughneck Unleash New Track \

The Ska mainstays of Colorado, Judge Roughneck, are in full effect with their latest single, "The Girl." One of the most highly-regarded bands in the genre, the group goes above and beyond to create an eclectic sound all of their own. Throughout the track we hear the band at their best; with rich Ska tones doused in Reggae influences, they bring the heart of the genre to life. "The Girl" is a perfect introduction to the band if you are not yet aware....and trust me, you SHOULD be. They enlighten the senses, one song at a time.

Judge Roughneck "The Girl"


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Emmaline Muchmore Goes \

Emmaline Muchmore is a stunning Indie-Pop infused artist that needs to be on your radar now. This year we saw Muchmore releasing her latest album endeavor, Back to Right, a perfect glimpse into the budding musician's world. Throughout the record we hear Muchmore showcase her strong vocal abilities, as intensity builds in tracks such as "Solid," which lives up to its title.


On Back to Right we experience different sides of Emmaline Muchmore, in which she displays her talents as a musician. Standout pieces on the album include gorgeous tracks such as "My City Lights," and "Only Human," which will delight your ears as each piece tells a story.

Muchmore's vocals recall a bit of Annie Lennox and Amy Winehouse, which can be seen on two different sides of the spectrum. From soft to boastful, each song is built with an intricate intensity, and carefully crafted, to create an album that is not only memorable, but one you will fall in love with.


Prominent and warm instruments make an appearance on the album from synthesizers to keyboards, which create a familiar sound that Muchmore puts her own unique twist on. Her boastful sound proves that every note and lyric on Back to Right is a true labor of love. Emmaline Muchmore's Back to Right quickly proves to be a timeless record that shine from start to finish.


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