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September 2021 #39 - Top 40 for West European Influence Libertad (rumba) (track)
August 2021 #28 - Top 40 for West European Influence Libertad (rumba) (track)
January 2021 #19 - Top 40 for West European Influence La Transición (feat. Scott Metcalfe) (rumba) (track)
Photo by: Benjamin Barrile
About: Colonial Zone
Rooted in the traditions of flamenco, guitarist Benjamin Barrile prefers to speak through his instrument, expressing emotion without words. A remarkable soloist, Benjamin also excels as both an accompanist and a composer. His compositions are rich, complex, and progressive without straying too far from the Spanish gypsy tradition that stretches back hundreds of years.

In 2000, Benjamin set off to Spain for the first time, a country that had long captivated his imagination, in search of flamenco and what would be the most significant journey of his life so far. He traveled to one of the major centers of flamenco in Spain today, Jerez de la Frontera, where he studied under many great maestros.

In recent years, Benjamin has recorded for many artists including Tamar Ilana & Ventanas, David Buchbinder, The Café Olé, and Gustaü & Puente del Diablo. In addition to leading his own project, Benjamin is also a resident guitarist at the Toronto-based Carmen Romero's School of Flamenco Dance Arts and the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. Benjamin has appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts and is also the recipient of two Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding Sound Design/Composition.

Benjamin's debut album 'Esperando el Alba' ('Waiting for Dawn') is a reflection of his long and arduous battle with musician's focal dystonia, an all too often career-ending neurological condition for many musicians.
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