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Mojshe Band interprets Jewish songs mostly from the former Austro-Hungarian area. The band operates in the border regions of Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. It specializes in so-called bilingual songs, which are very popular among the Hasidic community. The band is trying to give these songs a new robe with the intention of interpreting Hasidic philosophy of nigunim dveikus and reorganizing old songs by incorporating elements of chanson, jazz, world music ethno, or contemporary music. Mojshe has taken part in several concerts in different clubs in Central Europe and performed at many festivals (Cracow Jewish Culture Festival, PL; Mazal Tov – Košice, SK; Simcha – Wrocław, PL; Shamajim – Třebíč, CZ…). Despite the fact that the band is trying to reconstruct and make cover versions of the old repertoire of klezmer bands, it is also striving to create new liturgical music. Michal Palko, as a former cantor of the reformed community in Krakow, composed and interpreted with the band more complete liturgical units and services (New Galitzianer Kabbalat Shabbat, Shacharit, Seder Tu BiShvat, Passover Seder, Tashlich, HaChnasat Sefer Torah Hakafot...).
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