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Influences: Mediterranean , West European
Genres: italian worldbeat, tarantella, tammurriata, electrofolk, italian folk, globalbeat
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Dj UèCervone

Dario Cervo, aka Dj UèCervone, is a mathematician, dj and producer. In the early 90s, he began to select and play World Music. His sound comes from a long journey that deeply touches Africa, Salento, South America, India, the Balkans, Spain, the Mediterranean, Cuba and Sicily. His dj sets are appreciated and followed in European clubs and appeared in many WorldBeat/Folk concerts and Festivals.

In 2008, his first official compilation, Sangennarobar 2008, a double CD, 33 tracks to make you feel the unique sound of Sangennarobar. Sangennarobar 2009 e Sangennarobar 2010 compilations will follow, two hyms to dance. In 2012 Dj UèCervone became a producer and publishes Sangennarobar 2012 "Remixes and productions", which contains unpublished tracks.

Sangennarobar, the dj set

Sangennarobar’s set brings the music of many different populations to the dance floor. It can be inspired by ancient and isolated tribes with untouched by popular traditions, or by the technologic and digital-savvy urban environment. It is contaminated by the moving or dwelling of tribes next to other tribes. From the speakers, Indians with sitar make their entrance together with African drummers, Argentinians with kahons, tango dancers, tarantellas, belly dancers, Bulgarian singers and nomad violinists. All this different realities alternate and merge within a dance that is simple and instinctive. Sangennarobar’s followers are as colorful as the music they love to listen to.

Other Pubblications:

'isangennaro' on Apple Store: iSanGennaro allows everyone to experience first hand the emotion of the miracle of the blood liquefaction of San Gennaro.