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What is EthnoCloud?

EthnoCloud is a World Music platform for artists, labels, agents, event organizers, educational institutions, media and music lovers. Unlike other World Music websites, EthnoCloud is unique because the content is created by its members - audio, video, events, blogs, photos and everything else. Artists (or their representatives) upload their music and tag it based on regional and ethnic influences, as well as genre. Music lovers follow their favorite artists and receive updates on World Music events. EthnoCloud was launched in October, 2012. The website enjoys thousands of industry professionals, music lovers and over 70,000 Facebook followers. Some of our most prominent artists include Diego El Cigala, Yasmin Levy, Alex Boye, Ana Moura, Karima Nayt, Jimmy Saa, Sara Tavares, Dominique Hourani and Layal Abboud.

Because of EthnoCloud's growing popularity we are proudly hosting the only World Music Charts on the Internet, based on direct input from our website audience.

Our goal

EthnoCloud's goal is to promote the variety of music from all regions of the world. Our secondary goal is to promote acceptance, freedom and understanding by introducing our audience to world cultures through our artists' work.

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