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Gato Preto
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Photo by: Gato Preto
About: Birds
Photo by: Gato Preto
About: Silver King and Queen
Photo by: Gato Preto
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Photo by: Gato Preto
About: Voodoo
Photo by: Gato Preto
About: Apocalypse
Their masked mystique is the music – a tropical bass thunderstorm of candy rain and sound clouds. Gato Preto – the producer Lee Bass and rapper/singer Gata Misteriosa – unveil the African music paradise reflecting their roots in the polyrhythm of Bass from Ghana, the Portuguese slang of Gata's Mozambique, and live, with the incredible Djembe Power of Moussa Diallo from Senegal.

Unique is what they are live: afrofuturistic outfits combined with Gata jumping on stage, Lee kicking the beats & synths, and Moussa hitting the Djembe live. This pan-African act has been invited to Africa several times! They played at the African Futures Festival in Johannesburg, and in 2016, Gato Preto headlined the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda.

2017 is filling up with many dates in Africa – in April, GP is going to Cape Verde; in September, they go on an East Africa Tour, and at the end of 2017, Senegal & Ghana are on their schedule too.

Gato Preto are part of the international afro-futuristic scene where they travel around the globe. Collaborations with many international artists like Aero Manyelo, Edu K, Daniel Haaksman, KD Soundsystem, Mc Zulu, and many more are in the making...

Their album „Tempo“ will be released in February 2017 on Gato Preto's own label, OhWow!Records, with worldwide digital and physical distribution.
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