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Jeremy Davis
February 02/04/21, 2021
Released on January 21, 2021, “Beautiful Mess Vol.1” is the first half of a two volume album by Gilli Moon.

Gilli Moon is an Australian award-winning singer, song-writer, and producer. Since her U.S. debut in 2000, she has released 8 albums, 3 books, and received many international song-writing awards. Not only has her independent music career flourished throughout the years but so has her music and production record label, Warrior Girl Music. Gilli along with her record label are known as pioneers within the independent music industry, being one of the first within the field to embrace the digital age during the turn of the century, as well as empowering musicians through an Artist-Led strategy.

The album, “Beautiful Mess Vol.1”, consists of 12 songs and two covers, in the style of Gilli, coming in at about 45 minutes. Though not very common in this digital streaming day and age, you can tell the album is meant to be listened to from start to finish without shuffling. From the very first second of the first song, “Fire”, there is a rush of energy in the fast-paced reverberating guitars that make you want to go outside and run. That same passion is maintained until the sixth song of the album, “Falling”, where the sound becomes a bit slower and more sensual. Through the Do-Wop inspired cover of “Chuck E’s in Love”, and the beachy vibes of “Summer Heat”, the album ends on a bitter-sweet note during “I See Your Face”, a minimalist heartfelt ballad with just Gilli, her beautiful singing voice, and a piano.

What is done particularly well in this album is Gilli’s way of portraying her emotions that make the songs feel relatable, personable and infectious. Gilli shares her pain, heartbreak and joy with her audience and genuinely makes us fall in love with the beautiful mess of emotions we feel every time we listen to the album.

The second half of this epic album will also contain 12 amazing songs, and is set to release February 19, 2021.

Listen in here:


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