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Photo by: BRIGAN
Photo by: BRIGAN
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Brigan sees engaged young musicians from South Italy united by an interest in Celtic music and culture that tempts them to begin a new way: the way of research and revival of the traditional repertoires belonging to the Celtic area with their typical musical language.

Our latest album is "Rúa San Giacomo," created and recorded between Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, and Sant'Arpino, a few miles from Naples. It is the result of years of research, exchanges, and long stays in the Iberian land; Rúa, from the Gallego-Portuguese "road," assumes another meaning for Brigan, related to the journey, a route begun right on Via San Giacomo (Santiago in Castilian) where the historical study and the band's place of birth are located. A musical pilgrimage where Brigan has been protagonists, succeeding in framing a part of the repertoire in this work, stories, and music that the pilgrims met on their own walk to Santiago over the centuries. Thirteen tracks, of which four are unpublished, give birth to "Rúa San Giacomo," a small anthology halfway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, where the music of southern Italy coexists with the various languages and musical forms of that part of the Iberian territory set between Galicia, Asturias, and Northern Portugal. Alalás, villanelles, muñeiras, jotas, tarantellas, and traditional chants merge into a single sound and language, the sound of Brigan.

The band has collaborated with Davide Salvado, Xurxo Fernandes, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Efren Lopez Sans, Xulio Lorenzo, Pablo Carpintero, Massimo Ferrante, Harry C. (Milladoiro), Ramon Rodriguez (Ex Coetus), and Pandereteras Sen Fronteiros.
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