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Mosquera Celtic Band
Influences: West European
Genres: celticgalician folk/pop, celticfolk, galician folk/pop, celtic music
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September 2022 #33 - Top 40 for West European Influence "Inis Mór Girl" (track)
August 2022 #8 - Top 40 for West European Influence "Inis Mór Girl" (track)
May 2022 #28 - Top 40 for West European Influence "A Viaxe do Celta" (The Journey of the Celt) (video)
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·Mosquera Celtic Band· is a Spanish band specialized in Galician Folk/Pop. Its Director, the bagpiper Fernando Mosquera, is a well-known celtic multi-instrumentalist in Spain and he can play nearly 50 different instruments. He's the creator of the whole repertoire of the 'Celtic Band', lyrics included in Galician, English and Spanish language.

·Mosquera Celtic Band· is created in 2010 and it has 2 albums: "Peregrinatio" (Several Records, 2012) and "Outlander" (Several Records, 2015), with the third album under preparation.

Now, Fernando Mosquera and his 'Celtic Band' are presenting "Outlander" in a international tour accross Spain and Latinamerica. "Outlander" is the result of two years of experiences in search of new sounds. Fernando Mosquera has attracted interest from beyond his geographical and musical borders. A new album that retains the 'Celtic Band's characteristic sound while adding the experience and musical virtuosity that a series of prestigious well-known international artists have brought to the new album:

- Asturian piper HEVIA.

- Basque musician KEPA JUNKERA.

- Uilleann piper JOHN McSHERRY.

- Spanis singer JESÚS CIFUENTES ("Celtas Cortos").

- Galician singer ROSA CEDRÓN.

- Galician multi-instrumentalist PANCHO ÁLVAREZ ("Carlos Núñez Band").

- Asturian percussionist Mª JOSÉ HEVIA ("Hevia's Band").

- Accordion player CUCO PÉREZ.

- Sudanese lute player WAFIR SHEIK.

- Irish singer CIARA McCRICKARD ("John McSherry's Band" & "At First Light").

- Israeli musician IDO SEGAL.

- Basque traditional band "SORGINAK".

More info in the Official Website:, with direct acces to YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter channels.

·Mosquera Celtic Band·, the awakening of the Celtic Legend...