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26 times in the Global Top 40
October 2022 #32 - Global Top 40 Re-Fugees (track)
June 2022 #31 - Global Top 40 Baile Do MauMau (track)
June 2022 #28 - Global Top 40 Tom Do Reggæton(Humberto G.Vera/José Carlos II (track)
10 times in the Global Top 40
4 times in the Global Top 40
1 time in the Global Top 40
9 times in the Global Top 40
About: José Carlos II and Bambamoleque Band CD Cover Brazil/Cuba/DK
About: Live on Stage-Denmark
About: Live on Stage-Denmark
José Carlos II, composer, singer, musician from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, living in Denmark; has released 18 CDs with his music, nominated 3 times for The Danish World Awards, and mentioned in two music encyclopedias: Who is Who in Popular Music (England), Enciclopedia do Rock Brazil A-Z (Brazil). He has also appeared on compilation CDs in Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, and Denmark. Bambamoleque Band is a José Carlos II concept to line up a band with musicians from different countries: Philippines, USA, Denmark, Czech Republic, Armenia, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, and the music they play is a Latin fusion like; sambareggæ, salsasamba, chachacharap, rumbaafoxé, merenguelambada, etc., crossover compositions and arrangements from José Carlos II which perform the Latin music and show with or without dancers. Their newest CD is BR#DK, and they want to bring this show to Norway. Bambamoleque Band also has a MySpace presentation. International Bambamoleque Band is:

José Carlos II (Brazil) - composer, singer, guitar, percussion
Jojo Lazar (Philippines) - percussion, vocals
Robert Jønsson (Denmark) - keyboards, vocals
Rodrigo Labarca (Chile) - drums, percussion, vocals
David Dunbar (USA) - trumpet
Vit Musil (Czech Rep.) - bass, percussion
Carl Winther - piano
Armen (Armenia) - electric guitar
Alex Lafargue Duran (Cuba) - electric guitar
Jacob Melchior (Denmark) - drums
Marquinho da D.G. (Brazil) - cuica, pandeiro, surdo, tantan
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