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United States
Influences: North American , West European
Genres: electronic rock, indie, ambient, acoustic electronic
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Photo by: Roofy
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Photo by: Roofy
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Roofy is a "genre jumper" primarily focusing on electronic rock, indie, acoustic electronic, and ambient. Released 2 albums early in 2015---Roofy Sampler: Greatest Hits and Roofy Sampler: ElectroRok which are both a culmination of the last 9 years of music by Corbin Roof. These two albums are the "foot in the door" for his next album of ALL NEW material that was released 12/15/2015---Roofy: TWEAK YOUR PATH. Corbin Roof is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, artist that enjoys working with others and is an avid promoter for other independent artists.