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Jeremy Davis
June 06/07/18, 2018
Feeling Fearless with Carolee Rainey

Carolee Rainey is on fire with her gorgeous new release, "Feel Fearless." The songstress who has been making waves with her transformative new songs, enlightens our ears from start to finish. Taking a break from music for a number of years, Rainey is back and better than ever with a string of successful singles, including standout piece "Deal with the Devil," which struck our ears from the start.

Stream the EP here:


In an earlier lifetime of performing, Rainey did a lot of busking, playing bars, hotels and cruise ships. There were publishing deals, almost record deals, voiceovers in movies and a job as A&R for Atlantic Nashville in LA. Eventually, the tides changed, and Rainey found herself immersed in a life of painting and photography, exploring the solitude and realness of a painters life.


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