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Kluane Takhini: A World of Sound Beyond Borders

Feb 23, 2024
The musical universe of Kluane Takhini is an inspiring place, where each composition is a personal journey beyond the confines of traditional genres. In his own words, you're entering an "evolving personal musical exploration" that defies simple labels. His personal explorations and socially conscious compositions invite listeners into a universe where every note offers wisdom, joy, and insight. His music is a reflection of his personal beliefs, expressed by the universal language of music.
Kluane Takhini: A World of Sound Beyond Borders In the realm of music, few artists manage to genuinely cross the borders of genre, culture, and tradition as seamlessly as Kluane Takhini. From the cold, pristine wilderness of the Yukon to the warm, vibrant rhythms of the world, Takhini's life and career read like a novel, rich with diverse experiences that directly feed into his expansive musical output.

Kluane's story begins in the Yukon, Canada, where an old, handmade guitar, given to him by his father, opened the door to an entire world of music. This wasn't just any guitar; it carried the weight of history, having been traded for a couple of packs of cigarettes on the WWII Dutch warfront. Through this instrument, Kluane learned that music had the power to tell stories, connecting us across time and space.

As a young man, Kluane didn't just stop at mastering the guitar. His curiosity led him to discover the rhythms of the world, from the African caxixi shakers to the Brazilian berimbau. Each instrument added a new chapter to his growing saga, teaching him that a single note could echo the heartbeat of humanity.

Kluane's professional journey mirrors the eclectic influences of his musical education. His tours, alongside the late Dario Domingues, stretched from the vast landscapes of Canada to the cultural hubs of the USA and Europe. Their journey led them to perform in awe-inspiring locations – majestic grand churches, bustling local pubs, festivals with hundreds of thousands of eager listeners, an island where the air was thick with the flutter of 100,000 doves, and the historic depths of Munich's underbelly. Their contributions to world music received the prestigious Deutschen Schallplattenpreis awarded by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie in 1983 for "End of the Yahgan’s Journey" with Domingues. This honor acknowledges their artistic excellence, and commitment to using music as a transformative tool for connection and change.

Takhini's contributions extend beyond performances and recordings. His dedication to the craft led him to build three innovative recording studios, teach musical acoustics and production academically, and direct the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, enriching the musical landscape not just with his sounds but with spaces for others to explore and express their artistry.

2023 saw the release of Takhini's latest album, "To Catch Lightning in a Bottle," a project that encapsulates the challenges and aspirations of our times. Collaborating with James Hill on trumpet, the album serves as a sonic exploration of the notion that the human spirit is capable of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Kluane Takhini's contribution to the music world is acknowledged in an array of recent awards. From 2021 to 2023, his achievements include snagging multiple awards for his music from One Earth Awards, One World Music, Global Music Awards, and World Songwriting Awards.

Kluane's musical exploration has resonated with audiences worldwide, as evidenced by his tracks consistently ranking on EthnoCloud's Global Top 40 charts. Notably, "When We Were Free" hit #1 in September 2021, "90 Seconds To Midnight - Baila!" reached #2 in May 2023, and "Infinitesimally Insignificant" was #26 in January 2024, showcasing his global appeal and relevance.

In conversations about his work, Takhini often reflects on the power of music to bring change, to bridge gaps between people, and to communicate in ways words cannot. His upcoming projects promise to continue this exploration, with plans to bring together musicians from around the globe to collaborate on works that speak to the interconnectedness of our challenges and dreams.

For those interested to explore the sounds and stories of Kluane Takhini, his music is readily accessible across various platforms, like EthnoCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and on his website KluaneTakhini.com.
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