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Photo by: Veseli Vujky
Photo by: Veseli Vujky
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Photo by: Veseli Vujky
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Photo by: Veseli Vujky
About: Veseli Vujky after performance
Photo by: Veseli Vujky
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Photo by: Veseli Vujky
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Veseli Vujky" Ukrainian Folk Band

The band was created in 2011 by professional musicians who pooled progressive views on Ukrainian folk music and its deserving representation on the modern world stage. The repertoire includes compositions created on the basis of traditional music from all Ukrainian regions. As participants in all kinds of folk, jazz, classical, and pop ensembles, six famous Kyiv musicians decided to get together in one powerful and truly Ukrainian folk band. Each musician is a brilliant creative person with rich professional achievements. "Veseli Vujky" means "merry men," which is clearly expressed in their music and live performances. "Veseli Vujky" has performed at festivals such as "Kraina Mriy," "Organum" (Ukraine), "Ateliers d'Ethnomusicologie" (Switzerland), and TFF Rudolstadt (Germany).
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