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Oriental Mood: Blending World Rhythms and Cultures

Jan 17, 2024
Since 1991, Oriental Mood, based in Denmark, has mesmerized audiences with their eclectic mix of world music, creating a narrative of cultural harmony. Their latest singles, "Gaza in my heart" and "Free Palestine," reflect on recent events in Palestine, demonstrating the band's engagement with global issues. Their diverse sound, blending Turkish, Arabic, Balkan, and Western elements, showcases a journey through various musical traditions, resonating with their commitment to cultural inclusivity and exploration.
Oriental Mood: Blending World Rhythms and Cultures Oriental Mood, a band based in Denmark, has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of global music styles since 1991. Their journey is not just about music; it's an adventurous story of cultural fusion and exploration.

In December 2023, Oriental Mood released two new singles titled "Gaza in my heart" and "Free Palestine," inspired by the autumn events in Palestine. These singles, available on Bandcamp and other platforms, showcase the band's commitment to addressing current global issues through their music.

Earlier in 2023, the band had on a successful tour in Egypt with their project "Music Caravan." This tour, organized by Cairo Opera and supported by the Danish Arts Council, featured special guests such as Fatma Zidan and Bilal Irshed. These collaborations highlight the band's inclination towards cultural exchange and musical diversity.

Oriental Mood's recent album, "Salam Aleicum," was released in February 2023. This album, a product of lockdown creativity, was recorded both in their home studio and in Cairo at Ehab Nabil Studio. It features artists like Mostafa Abdl Naby on violin, Reda Bdeer and John Samer on Nay, contributing to the rich, multicultural sound of the album. All compositions in this album are credited to LBKhaled (Lars Bo Kujahn), reflecting his deep involvement and creative vision.

The band's history is marked by a remarkable versatility in world music genres. From classical Turkish/Arabic music to Afro-Arabic and Balkan-inspired tunes, Oriental Mood seamlessly integrates elements from Turkey, Balkan, Kurdistan, Morocco, Egypt, India, and the Western world, creating their distinctive “world sound.” The band has toured extensively, from Greenland to Borneo, Lebanon, Pakistan, Germany, Holland, Italy, and Egypt, further expanding their musical influence and experiences.

The members of Oriental Mood bring their diverse musical backgrounds and expertise to the group. Lars Bo Kujahn, the founding member, transitioned from fusion jazz drumming to a focus on Balkan and Middle Eastern music. Claus Mathiesen contributes his clarinet skills, rooted in experimental rock and Balkan music. Frank Juul, proficient in Indian tabla, infuses Middle Eastern rhythms with Indian techniques. Marco Spallanzani's fusion jazz guitar and Niels Lichtenberg's bass, specializing in Brazilian and Latin music, along with Yasar Tas's expertise in Turkish and Kurdish instruments, complete the ensemble, making Oriental Mood a melting pot of global musical traditions.

The band has a substantial discography, including "Their Greatest Hits Plus 2" (United One Records, 1999) and "Muktalef – Different" (Gateway Music, 2007), showcasing their evolution and breadth in world music.

As of 2024, Oriental Mood is actively booking for their spring/summer tour, promising more innovative and culturally rich performances. Their journey continues to be a testament to the power of music in bridging cultures and creating a unique, global sound.
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1 time in the Global Top 40