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1 time in the Global Top 40
by Eegun
UK-based African Afrobeat artist Eegun is back with two new singles, to signify his resurgence as a performer, songwriter, and composer. He was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, with a blend of musical influences ranging from Hip-hop music and Reggae, as well as homegrown music such as traditional Afrobeat, Apala, Fuji, and Juju Music. Being influenced specifically by the great Majek Fashek, he began recording and making contemporary Reggae/Ragga music in Nigeria under the moniker King Kuron.

Upon arrival in the UK, he recognized his diverse talent and tried his hands at recording Afrobeat music to quite a considerable level of success after he met his would-be bandmate Ben Turley and successfully auditioned to be a member of the Afro-Funk band Bronzehead, a 10-piece band which was made up of so many talented individuals. However, Eegun emerged as the frontman and songwriter who contributed to various tracks off their debut album Hemiphonic, which was released in 2013 and opened the band up to a lot of festival performance appearances at coveted stages such as Respect Festival, Big Issue, and Drum Camp.

In 2014, Eegun left Bronzehead and started another band called Eegun and The Afro-Londoners. The band consists of drummer Giles Narang, bassist Josh Brandler of the Animanz, keyboardist Martin Jenkins of Oncartel, Josef Stout on the horns, as well as backup vocalists Mimi Ciamala and Bola Kamson. He has released two official singles: "Brighton Beach," which was inspired by his experiences with some females in the well-known seaside city, and "Ise," which means "Work" in the Yoruba parlance and spreads the gospel of hard work, determination, and resilience as qualities needed to achieve your goal.
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