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About: AFARÁ Ancestors New Album presentation "Ilé Mi"
AFARÁ Ancestors Project

We present AFARÁ Ancestors, a project with a unique sound within the current music scene, for the variety of colors it offers, and in which rhythm, energy, feeling, and ancestral roots are the basis of communication. Through instruments such as the double bass, the pumpkin, the ngoni, and the voice, the group offers a range of sounds in which the culture that came out of Africa is intermingled and developed along new paths as in Cuba, and the one that remained and continued to develop on the continent, especially in Mali.

An original idea of Luis Cojal, a Cuban double bass player, who after joining the percussionist Baba Maiga and his pumpkin, found in the ngoni of Adama Kone the perfect sound for this project.

"ILÉ MI" means "My land" in Yoruba, a language that, together with Castilian and some words that are born in the creative moment, are those used in the songs of this work. The theme of the lyrics is related to Mother Earth, with Mother Africa, but not so much physically but as a round trip, the one that occurs between the place you live and the one left by your ancestors. A journey between two worlds not so separated as it seems and that brings out mixed feelings of nostalgia, joy, sadness...

Two traditions mark this adventure, that of Afro-Cuban music and that of the Griots of Mali. The griots are the caste that in West Africa maintains the culture through music, an oral culture, that is not written and has centuries of tradition, like the one that the African slaves kept in Cuba.

AFARÁ means "Bridge" in the Yoruba language, and ANCESTORS are what this trio always brings as guests. Their people accompany them on this timeless journey, which becomes even more organic, due to the nature of their instruments. From the desert of Mali to the streets of Havana, Barcelona, or Bamako. Pure Magic.

The group resides in Barcelona, Spain.

The AFARÁ Ancestors has performed at various festivals, concert halls, and concert halls, for example in Spain, the Oleaterra Festival, the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, the Josep Carreras Auditorium in Vila-seca, the Music Festival of Crespina, Pisa, in Italy...

AFARÁ Ancestors World Music
Luis Cojal: double bass, vocal soloist, and Musical Director
Email: luiscojal@gmail.com


Tel. +34 654 039 544
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