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October 10/15/21, 2021
Hookdiggy Celebrates Musical Connection with His New EP Flint, Michigan native and Atlanta based hip hop artist, Hookdiggy, just dropped his newest EP, 'Mic Check Music,' a celebration of connection through music and live hip hop sounds. "It was inspired by the idea we couldn't connect live during the pandemic so how do you still get that live music feeling," says Hookdiggy. "It includes live instrumentation on all of the songs, not traditional in hip-hop, but still true to the roots of the culture." This 5 song EP takes music inspiration from classic hip hop, like Tupac, Will Smith, and Jay-Z, to modern hip hop, like T-Pain and Kanye. He blends the two together to create his own unique hip hop sound that you won't hear anywhere else. Each song is about relationships in one form or another. "School Crush" is about the first crush you ever have when you're in school, and "I Want You" is about taking that leap into a relationship, that there's no need to dance around the chemistry. If two people like each other, just go for it.

You can listen to 'Mic Check Music' here:

Influenced by watching The Dayton Family release their music independently, a hip hop group from his home town, Hookdiggy was taken by the hip hop and musical world. After he graduated college, he started his own music studio to help other independent artists make their dreams come true. When he realized that was his dream as well, he moved to Atlanta, where he's been ever since. In 2013, Hookdiggy had a pre-Grammy show called the "This Is Hip Hop Tour" at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. It was the first real produced show he was responsible for. He then started a bi-monthly performance show called "This Is Hip Hop Thursdays" for a couple of months at Javavino in Atlanta. In 2020, he relaunched "This Is Hip-Hop Thursdays" in a virtual format for people to enjoy live music and did it weekly online every Thursday from June to November 2020

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