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Louise Dessertine
Influences: North American , West European , Middle Eastern
Genres: folk-roots, a cappella, first nations, folk-chanson, chanson, folk, iranianwith a slight smooth touch, folk and jazz, voice, poetry marimba
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February 2023 #4 - Top 40 for West European Influence If all the Women in the World (video)
February 2022 #3 - Top 40 for North American Influence Ohakweron't (The Heron) (track)
January 2022 #3 - Top 40 for North American Influence We Are Life (track)
Photo by: Louise Dessertine
About: Louise and Musicians performing at La Marche à Coté, Montreal, October 2021
In 2005, Louise began performing solo at spoken word events, poetry readings, book and art launches, fund raising events. The response to her fresh, original and unassuming style has been enthusiastic. She composes and sings for sheer pleasure, song writing, collaborating and performing have become a vital part of her life, music allows her grow as an emotional being and helps her maintain balance between her private life and her work as a trauma therapist.

Louise has been singing in choirs and ensembles since 1990 and began writing songs for a small vocal ensemble in 1998. She composes in English, French and on occasion in Spanish; her English compositions are in the folk-roots genre. Her French chanson style is influenced by both Quebecois and French chansonniers, composers and poets. She collaborates closely with the guitarist and arranger, Rodrigo Salazar, who brings depth and diversity and a touch of Latin influence to her compositions. She performs in Cafés and Bistros and fund-raising events in and around Montreal accompanied by Rodrigo Salazar on guitar, Mikhaëlle Salazar on violin and second voice, Olivier Salazar on keyboard and Sergiu Popa on accordion.