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Windwalker And The MCW
United States
Influences: North American
Genres: native american, new age
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About: Windwalker and the MCW
Awani,Grammy-nomiated, multi-award winner, Windwalker and the MCW is a multi-culture women group that focuses on generational, traditional along with environmetal healing songs. Our goal is to be the generation who reaches out to the children and elders to help obtain traditions in their world and help be the keepers of their future hopes, health (mentally and physically) and dreams.

We are involved with non-profit organizations such as: World Music in the Schools; Children Education; American Cancer Society; all areas relating to Veterans Rehab and Trauma; Education; Educational Health; Alcohol and Drugs Awareness; Bullying; Teenage Suicide Prevention; Homeless (including children) to name a few. We are also an activist in "Keeper of the Water", Water Rights, Uranium and Fracking, and bring back organic seeds to grow in gardens.

A promise was made to my grandmother to dedicate my life to continue Healing of the Water Ceremonies throughout the world and this has become one of my main priorities and will continue for generations yet to come.

Aquanine (See you soon may your path be blessed with Peace.)