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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: West European , India
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Photo by: Jiggy
Photo by: Jiggy
About: Jiggy - Live
Photo by: Jiggy
Photo by: Jiggy
Photo by: Jiggy
Jiggy continue the tradition of their musical ancestors while bringing a whole new exotic flavour to the table, more of a collective than an orthodox band, Jiggy’s mercurial line up mixes and melds Irish traditional music, world rhythms and cutting-edge dance grooves. Jiggy took the internet by storm with their video ‘Silent Place’ celebrating the global togetherness of dance and to date it has clocked up more than 35 million views. This has introduced the band to a brand new audience worldwide and their debut album TRANSLATE went to number 1 in the world music charts in Ireland, United States, Canada, France, Australia, Poland & UK and they are now a big hit with festival audiences across the globe.