The Discount Orchestra
United Kingdom
Influences: Gypsy , Balkan
Genres: gypsy-punk, gypsypunk, speedfolk, balkan
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May 2023 #38 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence Zombie Army (video)
January 2023 #39 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence Zombie Army (video)
December 2022 #38 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence Zombie Army (video)
From the raw, visceral energy of Gypsy-Punk, to the feet-twistingly manic tempo of Speed-Folk, The Discount Orchestra provide a high-octane blend of eclectic dance-floor stomp, guaranteed to get you bouncing. Hard-grifting rhythms, topped with melodical oddities.Formed in South London in 2011, The Discount Orchestra take their inspiration from London's dark, anarchic corners. Conjuring tales of love, loss, and post-apocalyptic survival, over a soundtrack that dances between genres. They've honed their live show at packed gigs and sold-out festivals over the last 10 years (Bestival, Wilderness, Boomtown) and have earned their reputation as a band to watch. With a line up of Sax, Trombone, Accordion, Drums, and Bass topped off with a cacophony of vocals, their riotous blend of oddly influenced music incorporates elements of Folk, Gypsy, Ska, and Circus, with a healthy dose of Punk, and is perfect for a late night of raucous entertainment.