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September 09/07/21, 2021
Jeremy Dion Tells A Story with His Newest Single \ “Don't ask forgiveness for shining your light” is just one of many nuggets of gold in the new single “Blowin Smoke” from Jeremy Dion. The Jason Mraz meets folk sound is a unique blend of genres done in a magical way. From the strums of the mandolin to the light vocals, this song is not only a delight of sound, but of lyric as well.

Dion resides in Boulder, CO where his light Americana style resembles that of David Gray, Ryan Adams, and John Mayer with a side of Jerry Garcia. His percussive guitar mixed with insightful lyrics, inspired his other career as a therapist. Dion adds his own unique sound to his influences, which creates an artistic blend of passion and storytelling.

Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby Stills & Nash, and John Denver, are just a few names who have set Jeremy on the road to soulful harmonies and technical guitar playing. As he grew as an artist, he incorporated rock & roll, bluegrass, and Americana where he developed a sound of contemporary folk and acoustic rock that is engaging and honest. What sets his music apart is his ability to dive inside of the mind being a psychotherapist and really connect with people on a deeper level.

Well, we hope he keeps connecting and making this kind of music as “Blowin Smoke”

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