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BLASS is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic dancehall artists of his time. His ability to switch from a very hardcore dancehall sound to a reserved and inspiring "Rootical" Reggae sound, even a gyrating inducible soca or salsa vibe, is unmatched by his peers. His productions, though diverse, are mostly reminiscent of personal life experiences. Born Omari Carlington Thompson, BLASS' passion and ambition for music and entertainment began at a juvenile stage where he began writing poetry, singing, and dancing; pulling huge crowds at his primary school. His talents and pulling power were further developed during his years at Bridgeport High School, where he would entertain his fellow schoolmates, who were willing to give up every dollar of their lunch money just to hear him sing. This further led to him collaborating with some of his schoolmates who would provide him with harmonies and utilize the school desks, books, and pencils to create the instrumentals for his songs.

Right after graduating from high school, BLASS, along with six of his high school friends, decided to pursue music professionally; hence, they formed the group Cell Block Crew. With the help of Vertex Records, the group managed to voice a number of songs with high hopes of creating an album; however, their plans were thwarted when a key member of the group died suddenly. This plunged all the group members into a serious state of depression, forcing four members to quit doing music. BLASS and Slash, however, decided to continue in the pursuit of their musical careers.

BLASS and Slash maintained the remaining semblance of the group by operating as a duo, doing a number of recordings with Vertex Records and Clive Hunt. The duo's first breakthrough track came in 2008 at the hands of a collaboration done with Vybz Kartel called "Gal Know Fi Wine". The collaboration culminated in BLASS and Slash traveling to Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, St. Martin, St. Vincent, and Barbados in an effort to promote the song and future projects.

Despite the success BLASS and Slash gained from their collaboration with Vybz Kartel, both members mutually agreed to pursue their musical ambitions as solo acts; since then, BLASS has recorded numerous songs featuring a number of local and international artists. In 2012, he recorded "So Many Girls" with Delus, the brother of Konshens, and "Hustlers Anthem" in 2013 with Profecia Crew, a Dancehall/Reggae group from Spain, followed by a well-received video. Then in 2014 came his collaboration "Whenever You Want" with Russian pop sensation Belka.

BLASS is currently working with numerous emerging and established producers both in his homeland Jamaica and internationally, to prep his debut EP for release in late 2015.
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