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December 2023 #23 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence To Koritsaki Mou (track)
November 2023 #39 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Vouno Me Vouno (track)
November 2023 #40 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence O Pasatempos (track)
1 time in the Global Top 40
Dimitris Mystakidis
Country: Greece
Style: Rembetiko / World

New album 'Esperanto' released in November 2015

Dimitris Mystakidis is a famous Greek folk guitar virtuoso. As a multi-talented and multitasking musician and college professor, he is researching, teaching, writing, recording, and of course, performing Rembetiko songs for more than two decades all over Europe (Greece, UK, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Gibraltar, Israel, Netherlands, Spain, etc.). In his latest personal work "Esperanto, the Rembetiko Guitar Project," Dimitris presents the most important Rembetiko songs of the 20th century, arranged exclusively for guitar. Accompanied by two other guitarists, with alternating roles, sometimes playing intense modal melodies with complex structures, sometimes strong melodic lines influenced by manouche and blues, and sometimes simple melodies, Dimitris’s deep bass voice and the melodic timbre of the female singer are reciting sorrows and misfortunes, joys and ruses, while talking about love, separation, human passions, and weaknesses, composing the colorful canvas of Greek spirit and Greek Urban Music of the last century.

Traveling party: 4 artists + 1 tour manager
Tour period: 2015 - 2016

For booking information, contact us at info@fishbowl.gr
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