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Ken Nothos Talaga
United States
Influences: North American , West European , Middle Eastern
Genres: fusion, world, acoustic, native american style flute, ethno mix, ambiant, flute, tribal, meditationmusic therapy, spoken wordmeditationmusic therapy
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8 times in the Global Top 40
May 2022 #13 - Global Top 40 Flute Makers Heart (track)
May 2022 #33 - Global Top 40 Layers & Dimensions (track)
April 2022 #10 - Global Top 40 Layers & Dimensions (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
4 times in the Global Top 40
An Achievement
When I submit or release music to various sources I can honestly say that I never really expect much from doing so. I don't have much of a fan base or followers, yet somehow my music is reaching top 100 or top 40 lists. I create, record and share music simply for the joy of doing so and because I feel that the world needs more music that is more, dare I say 'peaceful', especially in these current times.
Getting my music in a top 40 list is one thing but, having an album and single on a nominee list is exciting, humbling, a great honor, and inspiring.
Photo by: Ken Nothos Talaga
About: Set up to record
Photo by: Ken Nothos Talaga
About: Song of Peace 2021 Best Single Nominee
Ken Nothos Talaga has 45 plus years experience playing woodwinds, drums and percussion from around the world. The primary instrument in his music is Native American style flutes that he makes and sells. Other woodwinds such as; fujara/ overtone flute, clarinet, transverse flutes of bamboo and crystal, frame drums, doumbek, darbuka, singing bowls, Tibetan gongs and bells, other acoustic instruments accompany the flute melodies building an interesting and unique soundscape to take the listener on a journey of spirit. Ken has a deep passion and interest in the healing potential of music

Ken Nothos is a solo musician playing a majority of the instruments, doing all of the digital editing, mixing & mastering, and other various responsibilities with music production and releasing. His music is for inner peace, trance, meditation, and improvisational expression. He has recorded 3 albums of his unique spiritual music. His second album, and first released in 2021, titled "Spirit Voice" was featured on One World Music Radio and the album reached #10 on their top 100 albums.
Ken enjoys sharing the gift(s) of his music with people around the world.
Ken's handmade flutes and percussion instruments for sale can be found here;