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MandolinMAN, Belgium's finest mandolin quartet, plays traditional Flemish (North Belgium) tunes.

Founded in 2011 as a one-off concert, it grew into an important and successful concert band.

The foursome has toured in Belgium, Holland, Canada, Brazil, the UK, and Shetland.

The first album 'Old Tunes, Dusted Down' is a musical tribute to the unique fieldwork of Hubert Boone (°1940). Just like Alan Lomax followed in his father's footsteps and preserved the American folk and blues tradition, Hubert's son Andries started the MandolinMAN project. Together with three kindred spirits, Andries' father's notations were brought back to life.

Being played on a very well-known instrument like the mandolin, the 'local' melodies from the small villages in Flanders become timeless and universal. Even a trained ear will find it difficult to locate some of the origins.

On their second album 'MandolinMAN plays Bossa Nova,' the foursome performs well-known Bossa Nova standards as well as self-composed Bossa Nova style tunes. A unique take on the sound of Brazil.

The first album was released worldwide on the prestigious ARC Music record label. The band toured worldwide with highlight concerts at the MIMO Festival in Brazil and the Shetland Folk Festival.

The creation process of the third album has started. The recordings will take place in 2015.
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