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June 06/11/21, 2021
Chakuna Machi Asa has been working for years on perfecting her art and music, figuring out the best ways of sharing healing energies with all who will benefit from it. "My intention as an artist is to help open you up to a new experience of the multidimensional reality of human existence," she shares. "I always set my intention that any songs I create are healing for the listener. Overall, I am striving to evoke or call upon a more peaceful vibe in your mind, body, heart and soul."

Her roots are mostly Scandinavian, she is a Spiritual Healer, Artist, Vegan, Crystal Lover, and Seiðr, which appears to translate from the Old Norse tongue, something along the lines of “cord, thread, snare, or halter,” originally from the world of looms and weaving, and is related to the mystical Shaman healing practices, with a distinctive Northern European root. With a cord, one can not only bind, but also pull remote things closer. The ancient practice of a Seiðr is concerned with discerning the course of fate and working within its structure to bring about change, and the transmission of healing energy, thus combining seeing the future and taking steps to correct or positively influence the unfolding of destiny. What I hear is awesome vibrational energy with a profound awareness of sound, essence and healing, all working in perfect harmony because they're an extension of nature's innate balance, and here to give us love and light. The elements of this music all work together because they're an extension of nature's advancement, bringing good thoughts, a healthy mindset and creating an increased feeling of overall well being, which promotes the flow of good energy to protect and guide the people in our lives, and all around. Learn to let go of fears that hold you back in life.

A soft glow appears in the Eastern sky at the end of a night of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, marking the new dawn. In this new work, her third full album of healing music, Chakuna taps into her gifts to bridge the gap between modern culture and the ancient ancestors, and shares it with all to inspire personal transformation. Listeners of Auroral Magic will hear Chakuna's talent as both a vocalist and peaceful nature sounds; her prayer to the ancestors, cantillating Elven spirits, a dream voyage to a distant planet

“Throughout her recordings and live performances, she has artfully incorporated indie, folk, sound healing, chakra music, ambient music and relaxing piano music," wrote Jonathan Widran in JWVibe. "In creating her latest masterwork Auroral Magic, Chakuna Machi Asa draws upon many of these influences while tapping into a profound sense of connection to her cherished Nordic/Scandinavian ancestry. One of the planet’s greatest natural phenomena, the Northern Lights fit in perfectly with the theme that developed over the course of the album, which she realized was her attempt to use music as a way to get in touch with her own lineage.”

Chakuna released her first album, Activation Sounds: Ancient Chakra Healing Chants in 2013, and Moon Eye: Ancient Healing Sounds in 2014, followed by a single, Pachamama in 2015, and in 2021, an EP with three tracks, The Gift, followed by a single, Ambient Meditation. She has been featured by The Shift Network, The Heart of the Healer, and Shamans Market, and is currently a double nominee in the retailer-selected COVR Awards, in the Iconic Music and Stone Jewelry categories.

In a recent artist interview with Chakuna, she expands upon her song craft, "My intention as an artist is to help open you up to a new experience of the multidimensional reality of human existence. I always set my intention that any songs I create are healing for the listener. Overall, I am striving to evoke or call upon a more peaceful vibe in your mind, body, heart and soul."

The title track, "Auroral Magic" (4:51), presents with full synthesizers, bells, chimes, wind chimes, piano, sometimes shimmering, a haunting melody. I think of exquisite crystals, the dawn, and something like a new beginning. Chakuna leaves us with this reflection, "The track, "Auroral Magic," is in honor of my life, my musical gifts, my angels, guides and my Nordic ancestors that are supporting and helping me. This song is a giving back from my heart to the universe in so many ways to honor everything that has been given to me. It represents my experience of the Northern Lights and a feeling of hope that I have carried very strongly in my soul for a very long time. I hope that it brings about these feelings in others."

I have been exchanging email correspondence with Chakuna, discussing her music, her art, and her path on this Earth. My inquiry had to do with how life on Earth has developed the use of speech, storytelling, and the preservation of history.

I asked her to speak about how she understands the creative arts, and how this ancient musical craft fits into our larger sense of human destiny.

CHAKUNA MACHI ASA: I look at music more in terms of sound, generally. Different beings and creatures all use sound to communicate but just in different ways. I do not see much of a difference between our speech phonics and syllables of sound patterned together to communicate in comparison to how whales use shorter or longer frequencies or birds use distinct songs. I actually think other creatures' methods of communication are sometimes more intelligent because they are functional but simple frequencies. I mean, do you ever wonder why some of the most intelligent people wear the same color clothing or outfits everyday? It’s because they have simplified a process so it consumes less time in their day. Well, animals and plants have an intelligent innate simplified system that works to connect everything in nature.

I doubt anyone could really disagree with the fact that humans have a lot of communication issues. I mean, I am kinda convinced that misunderstanding each other is one of the main principles that constricts the evolution of humanity. So, with that in mind, music is sounds brought together to form a structure. Some songs have lyrics, and lyrics tend to connect you to another dimension of the sounds.

Also, songs with lyrics often tend to connect people together that have things in common and this is what makes some songs last for decades because they are so relatable and simple. I feel like the spiritual dimensions of a song run in parallel to what you are physically hearing. What you feel when you hear a song is what connects you to the spiritual dimension of a song. That is why some songs are uplifting vs. others that elicit feelings of sadness or anger.

ROBIN JAMES: What is your task as an artist?

CMA: My intention as an artist is to help open you up to a new experience of the multidimensional reality of human existence. I always set my intention that any songs that I create are healing for the listener. Overall, I am striving to evoke or call upon a more peaceful vibe in your mind, body, heart and soul.

I also hope to create a new feeling of safety for you so that you can explore your own authentic nature, one that has a deeper connection to the Earth. In other words my intention is to create a new connection between you and the frequencies that we all naturally vibrate to because we are made of mostly the same stuff the earth is otherwise we wouldn’t be able to survive on this planet. And, while I may not be literally physically changing your state of matter through the sound vibrations I create… for example, like the crystal glass shattering from a high pitch sound, lol. I still hope to influence your awareness of your connection to the earth and yourself.

I personally experienced this profound healing from music and sound, starting at the age of 11, when I discovered singing helped me transform my own emotions and gave me a new feeling of hope. I talk about this in the liner notes of the album. And, I have had many profound experiences since then as I started more purposefully sharing sound as a method for energy healing, in my 20s.

RJ: Are you able to bring music back from your nocturnal dreams?

CMA: Yes, I have a few times used my dreams for inspiration for my music.

I have always had a lot of conscious dreams since I was a child. By this I mean I am aware that I am dreaming and I am aware that I can manipulate my dream with my mind. I once became aware I was dreaming and flew out of the Earth, out into space, to another planet. I met with other beings that lived there. We made an offering together, a sort of wrapped up package that I was to bring back here and offer to the Earth. Of course, when I woke up there was no actual physical package anymore.

However, I felt like it was a sign that these beings were out there somewhere offering us help and I was carrying that message to people on Earth. The song “Planet Xeron” on my new CD album, Auroral Magic, is about this experience and carries the energy of this dream to you.

RJ: Dreams can be interpreted as one's internal dialog, each character you encounter is really yourself, and the messages taken from these mysterious phenomena are only subjectively given meaning by each individual dreamer. On the other hand, Jung was talking about a collective unconsciousness and a universal language of symbols.

CMA: Yes, dreams are always interpreted in different ways by different people. Philosophers, doctors, scientists and psychologists all have different theories. A dream could be a reflection, a collective unconscious symbol, or an interpretation of my daily experiences. But, possibly, a conscious dream could be an actual soul traveling experience. And, so let’s say that my soul traveling experiences are actually “out of body travel”. That seems like a far cry from our current physical reality and some psychologists may chalk it up to being “a vivid imagination” or a very conscious mind body experience. But, what if it was real in the way I experienced it? My awareness or my energy really could have the capability of traveling away from my physical body and connecting to other beings when I intentionally change the vibrational frequency of my brain waves. Honestly, I believe that being open to that possibility is more hopeful for humanity. It is saying that we have more potential than our current reality and that we aren’t really alone but we are all connected to the universe in a really profound scientific way that we could evolve into.

Our imagination may really be more than what we think it is and all we need to do is evolve this cyclical dance of frequencies so that we have the power to tap into and open our brains electromagnetic communication system up to other worldly dimensions. I’d personally rather believe that there is more potential for this atomic dance in my brain! If you think about it the only real way to evolve on any level of humanity is to remain open to the possibilities of not what it is but what could be.

That is actually the driving force of my purpose. It’s my choice, what I choose to believe and that is the exact way we move our brains energy, right?

That's why I have learned over the years that our belief systems are the most powerful structures and also the most powerful change agents on the planet. Belief systems based on fears tend to hold us back in life. It’s the “what ifs” that really get you. Except that during a profound healing you realize maybe my past traumas are really making up my current fears and they don’t hold true today. That’s a good place to come to. Letting go of fears that hold you back in life. I think everyone is in this process at some point in life, hopefully.

And, so somehow in order to move forward together as a collective we must change the negative what if’s into positive what if’s. So... “what if” we can evolve and all feel more connected? That’s what I choose to believe.

What ancestral lineage is in your family?

CMA: My lineage is mainly from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Scotland. I am approximately 70% Nordic bloodline. I also have some bits of English, German and French.

My great grandparents on my mom’s side were born in Sweden and Finland. My mom said her grandma didn’t want to be assimilated in the United States. She didn’t speak much English and didn’t really want to. I wish I had known her better and that we could have kept our native tongues, because when our family lost our language, I feel like we lost so much of our history. My grandfather spoke fluent Finnish but was encouraged by the government not to pass our languages and traditions down to our family. He told me that they encouraged the family to assimilate and try to speak only English. On my fathers side, I am a descendant of Robert Munro (14th Baron of Foulis), the Foulis Castle, of the Munro Clan in Scotland. Marilyn Monroe is actually my distant family member as we share ancestors of the same line. My lineage is important to me and I am proud of my ancestors and our family history. Honoring my ancestry is one of the main themes flowing through my album Auroral Magic. It is also how the northern lights tie into the theme. You can explore more of my sharing about this and my spiritual name in the liner notes of the CD album.

RJ: I want to be sure to explore with you the task of the Seiðr. How did you find your way here?

CMA: The term Seiðr is what I resonate with most strongly now because it reflects the old world spiritual traditions that have been a bit buried throughout our history. From my research, Seiðr is what I find to be most closely related to my current path, purpose, visions, inner guidance, and my ancestors' transmissions to me. Of course it is not exactly matched to my current practices as nothing in old text holds the same energy when mixed with the modern era. All my current spiritual practices are executed in energetically different ways than they would have been in ancient times . For example, I do have some spiritual gifts that I do not utilize regularly and this is due to the current climate of humanity and how my energy is woven in. However, I feel from the depth of my soul that this Old Norse Seiðr lineage is in my Nordic bloodline. It explains all of my dreams, visions, gifts, my draw to both ancient shamanic lineages and my connection to magic. I am more grounded in my sense of my spiritual practices because I have learned that much of the indigenous traditions that I have studied are also similar to the practices of Seiðr. And, yet now I feel more connected to my own ancient ancestral traditions of my bloodline. I do believe that spiritual gifts are passed down through your bloodline. I never directly had a family member share their physical traditional knowledge in a way that some pagan lineages still have today, but I can feel my ancient ancestors with me, guiding and helping me re-kindle this earth-based magic in my life.

This is part of the expression of the song “Blood of My Ghost.” It is my ancestors singing through me. “Can you hear me?” “Can you hear me?” “Whispering to you through the blood of our ghost.” They are asking you to stop and listen because they have important things to share with you. And, I am their channel to share this energy with you. However, please keep in mind that the only intention that I set for this album was to share healing energy with you. I do not plan out a mental concept or reflective nature prior to creating an album. I let that process flow through me, naturally. I later just reflect on what the album means to me. So, it might take on its own life inside of you as well. I appreciate what it means to each listener and it can vary from my own interpretation. Each person's own perception, lineage, spiritual nature, and cultural background may bring forth their experience of the album in their own unique way. And, because I feel that I channel my work, I have even found that some of the words that I channel mean the same or slightly different things in different languages where the similar sounds emerge.

I also feel that cultural and religious oppression has influenced the current fabric of our planet in such a way that has influenced our human evolution. I believe that one of my jobs is to move energies in a way to allow for people to remember the authenticity of our humanity. This is not as extravagant as it sounds though. It could be as simple as knowing and accepting that the feeling of hope is alive inside you and it will never die. Helping you feel safe by reintroducing you to a more earth-based grounded sense of the natural world vibration. Or it could be the awareness that we really do all share a common thing, our nature, which is the foundation of our humanity. And, so I want to also mention how this relates to sound healing for me. You asked about the fabric that Seiðr energetically weaves which is similar to the concept of sound healing. We use the vibrations of sound to transmit energy into the energetic fabric. If you would like more information about the nature of this patterned fabric. One of my favorite books that touches on this concept is "Dancing Wu Li Masters, An Overview of the New Physics," by Gary Zukav. It discusses our own atomic/molecular structure, how it is in relation to the world around itself and the universal quantum dance of energy that ties everything together. My own interpretations of the energy fabric are made up of a combination of wisdoms from that book, string theory, and my own interpretations of the meaning of time, based on my studies over the years. A couple of my songs on the album Auroral Magic are directly related to my interpretations of time, this patterned fabric, and its connection to gravity. The lyrics for the song “Space Shift” are inside the liner notes. The song “Time Womb” is the other one but it has no lyrics. It is more of a musical interpretation of the cycles of creation and its relationship to this energy fabric.

RJ: One of your strengths is crystals, which are in themselves a lifetime of exploration, but as they are big in your online presence, I want to touch on crystals and music/sound. For the curious and uninformed, what do crystals do?

CMA: Each crystal has a different elemental structure and is made up of electromagnetic vibrating energy. If you sit with different crystals you may find each one may have a different effect on you. Crystals are said to each have their own healing properties based on their vibration and are often imprinted with the energy of their origin. I use the different vibrations of the crystals to accent my art, wands and jewelry that I make. I also show people how to create crystal grids to help ground their intentions, goals and assist in their meditation practice.

Did you know that quartz crystals are actually used to track time in clocks because of their cyclical vibration and they are also used in radios because you can tune them to particular frequencies? The study of crystals is an amazing thing. I am actually also certified in crystal healing therapy. I learned how to lay crystals on the body to tune the body's electromagnetic energy field to the frequency vibration of the different crystals to help with energy healing, relaxation and meditation.

So, it is a study that is using a bit of intuition and then understanding the healing properties of the piece. I usually feel that intuition plays a vital role in the use of crystals. If you are drawn to a particular crystal or crystals that is the one that's vibration is calling to your electromagnetic field. If you can tune a crystal to a particular electromagnetic frequency then the crystal’s energy can definitely have an impact on you, right? Anyway, that's a really basic way to start to understand the connection of crystals with our energy field and the planetary field. As they are made of the Earth's atomic structured frequency. Except of course for the meteorites which vibrate to frequencies that are slightly unique from the crystals made of the Earth's elements.

RJ: What is your most cherished accomplishment?

CMA: Learning about boundaries and how to respect myself. I have experienced some truly severe trauma in my young adulthood and youth. I am lucky to have my supportive parents, spouse, therapist, and spiritual traditions that have helped me heal over the years as I have not told too many people about my experiences and might not talk too much about any of it at this point in my life.

The staff Chakuna is holding symbolizes the prophecy of the condor and the eagle coming together. Some things about the mystery are unveiled slowly, the meaning of the staff has yet to be understood fully because it has not yet entirely manifested. It is related to indigenous traditions and a reconnection of humanity. Some things are better kept from the human mind because we tend to distort it with our own perceptions that are based on our individual reality.

Chakuna says “I think that's the best part of mystery related spiritual traditions. We unveil knowledge through experience and from our own viewpoint, rather than reading everything in a book”.

The Earth, America, and perhaps the larger globe and all of humanity has provided us with the legends that we grew up with and they have become the heart and soul of our personal spiritual environment. Some of these important stories have been told for thousands of years, and they are still being told and retold, refitted and reshaped to meet our changing needs, even created anew out of a contemporary woman's vision. These stories arise out of the Earth's plants and animals which are integral parts of the human realm. They are embedded in the ancient sounds, languages and flow according to the rhythms of the natural world, at a different pace from that of a technological, man-made environment. Eyes on the clock, most industrialized people are fragmented by the pressing problems of spit-second society with little time or inclination to speculate on the communal nature of the world. Mutually shared and supportive legends about the spirits of our ancestors seem hopelessly beyond the modern vision. Chanuka is specifically trying to bridge a gap between modern culture and our ancient ancestors in herself and then share this with others.

In addition to her professionally produced albums, she also has a firm footing on the older healing ways. Her YouTube channel, "Activate Your Life," contains her intentional works, made for the healing ceremony, and more potent than anything else you might hear elsewhere. She offers this powerful medicine freely to all who are ready to accept it.

You can find her in these places:

In addition to her music, Chakuna is an Instagram influencer, sharing her crystal wisdom and specialty crystal products with over 36,000 fans/followers. She also offers video teachings, high vibe energy healing tools, crystals, handmade wands, and jewelry to encourage individuals to explore their spiritual energy, to get in touch with their authentic selves, and to add a spark of inspirational magic to everyday life; follow Chakuna on IG as @crystalomchakras, and see some of her jewelry in a popular video interview with Beth Ann Hilton at

You can have a listen here: