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January 2024 #2 - Top 40 for African Influence Hlonipha AmaKhosi (track)
January 2024 #3 - Top 40 for African Influence Ungafi (track)
January 2024 #14 - Global Top 40 Hlonipha AmaKhosi (track)
1 time in the Global Top 40
Photo by: NoMyayii
About: NoMyayii
Photo by: NoMyayii
About: NoMyayii
Photo by: NoMyayii
About: BaKaNtu-NyRa Li
Photo by: NoMyayii
About: Kaptain MHZ
Eruptors of the mother element - sound - NoMyayii (isiXhosa word for Crow) is a production house, vortexing sonic jewels that pierce and caress the spirit through tones of harmony, good bounce, and a touch of mystery. World music producers and vocal artists - BaKaNtu-NyRa Li and Kaptain MHZ - are the duo that connected through a mutual perpetuation of Livity to form the being that is NoMyayii. With a multi-faceted sound that cannot be singled into any genre, freeness and originality are paramount in all doings of NoMyayii. Their awesome vibrancy is one that chants life and continuity through harmonic expression and expansion. Bestowing jewels of musical craft channeled from the void, the sound of NoMyayii is a technology that speaks to the perpetuation of dynamics that keep life functional, joyous, and easeful.

Also being craftsmen of leather and good food, BaKaNtu-NyRa Li and Kaptain MHZ - chief navigators directing the flight of NoMyayii - sustain a Livity that honors the natural essence of life to be creative and functional. From the nature of eating to all the fundamental mechanics of everyday living, NoMyayii stays in motion, perpetuating all that keeps life harmonious, well, and vibrant.

Soar onward with NoMyayii as we navigate and bestow these jewels unto life, chanting harmony, ease, and good vibrancy.
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