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June 2024 #18 - Top 40 for Asian Influence Horjabius - Tonggo Mulajadi Part 3 (track)
October 2023 #13 - Top 40 for Asian Influence Horjabius - Tonggo Mulajadi Part 3 (track)
August 2023 #3 - Top 40 for Asian Influence HorjaBius - Bonapasogit (track)
Photo by: HorjaBius
Photo by: HorjaBius
About: Horja Bius "Rotterdam World Music Fussion 2018"
Horja Bius, the voice of tradition and Batak philosophy. Horja Bius is a musical group (World Music) based in Jakarta, consisting of seven men who are passionate about creating music and participating in conserving Batak poetry that is on the verge of extinction in its land, North Sumatra – Indonesia.

Their first album is entitled "Tonggo-Tonggo." The word Tonggo-Tonggo refers to spells, prayers, advice, and life philosophy contained in the indigenous ancient Batak religion.

Their second album is entitled "Sitaurak Nauli"; it was inspired by an authentic Batak poems manuscript. Horja Bius composed a song based on the poems, transforming them into a magnificent song.

The name Horja Bius is deeply rooted in Batak culture. In Batak culture, "bius" refers to the highest manifestation in Batak customary law, which is divided into a multitude of surnames, each with its own ancestral territory. The highest leadership of this law is provided by Raja Marga Sipungka Huta, also referred to as Raja Bius (Bius King). Raja Bius collectively refers to the one who held power over the ancestral land and established the rules for all clans living there. Bius was highly respected because of his power to unite the clans and to ensure harmony among them. The act of creating harmony among the clans is referred to as Horja Bius; this term is adopted as the name of the band, Horja Bius. The band is formed as a tool to investigate Batak culture further. Horja Bius is not involved in romanticization; Horja Bius conducts extensive and objective research to revitalize Batak ancient tradition. Since its establishment in 2014, Horja Bius has gradually performed at numerous world music festivals in Indonesia and was involved in the Netherlands World Music Festival in July 2018.