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Philippe Brunel Acoustic Band
Influences: Mediterranean , East European , Scandinavian
Genres: acoustic, acousticacoustic
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February 2023 #9 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence Reykjavik (track)
January 2023 #8 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence Reykjavik (track)
January 2023 #36 - Top 40 for Latin American Influence La Spezia (track)
World Jazz News Un voyage musical captivant imaginé par le guitariste français Philippe Brunel et
interprété avec ses collègues musiciens: Ronan Rouxel (violon, mandole), Eva Montfort
(basse, contrebasse), David Hopkins (percussion), Tony Montfort (batterie). Les couleurs
européennes, asiatiques, latines et africaines se mélangent dans une exquise symphonie
mondiale peinte avec douceur et virtuosité. Diverses mais unifiées avec l'imagination sous
le même concept créatif, les onze titres de l'album plongent l'auditeur dans un univers
enchanteur de connexion spirituelle et d'exploration. more
Philippe Brunel Acoustic Band After having made our first two CDs entitled Philippe Brunel "Récits de Voyages" (Coop-Breizh distribution) we are pleased to invite you to continue the adventure by watching some excerpts and the teaser of our new CD: Philippe Brunel Acoustic Band: "Vers de nouvelles aventures …" We invite you to take off and let yourself be carried by the current. Loop your suitcases and embark with us for a musical cruise around the world. We remain at your disposal to send you a copy of the albums as well as any other additional information (visual, press kit, etc ...) for possible diffusion or programmation. We wish you a very pleasant trip … Philippe Brunel 10 rue de buzulzo 22300 Lannion (France) +33 (0) 6 25 98 63 95 more
About: CD "Vers de Nouvelles Aventures"
About: Philippe
About: CD "Récits de voyages"
About: CD "Vers de Nouvelles Aventures"

Music and pictures speak louder than words …

Please take a little time to look at the video «Récits de Voyages» on our website


We invite you to prepare your baggage, embark with us on a worldwide cruise and discover the musical stop over ports proposed by the crew: Philippe Brunel (guitars) / Ronan Rouxel (violin, mandola) / Eva Montfort (bass guitar) / David Hopkins (percussion) Tony Montfort (drums)

Hoping you will enjoy this teaser as much as we enjoyed making it.

Have a good trip!

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Tél : (33) 6 25 98 63 95