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Photo by: Dolunay Obruk
Photo by: Dolunay Obruk
About: Dolunay Obruk singing2
Photo by: Dolunay Obruk
About: Dolunay Obruk singing3
Dolunay Obruk, who has been a professional musician since 2004, is a multidisciplinary artist such as a professional graphic designer, as well as a lyricist, composer, actress, and singer. She has taken part in many projects with eminent jazz musicians and shared the same stage with them. She is from Istanbul, Turkey.

About Dolunay Obruk: https://youtu.be/oX0iAn1afKg

Along with performing songs which she originally composed and having written lyrics as well as jazz music by herself in her own unique way, in performances organized both in Turkey and abroad, sometimes adding popular folkloric songs to jazz; she is recently working on projects where she visualizes her music by combining her expertise in graphic design. She has her unique, theatrical way of singing on stage.

Her hit "Istanbul Kafası" (Mood of Istanbul) has become a popular opening theme song of a cultural TV show.

Her music video: https://youtu.be/NmymOOxfkXY

Some of her last conspicuous performances are:

Within the context of EXPO 2012, she represented the jazz music of Turkey as Dolunay Obruk Quintet and gave 2 concerts in South Korea.

Concert 1: https://youtu.be/48tLQ5KrTuQ Concert 2: https://youtu.be/UV2EKa-Kajw

In 2013, she was invited by the Turkish Embassy in New Delhi, India, and gave concerts to diplomatic and eligible guests of the Turkish Ambassador for the 90th Celebration of the Turkish Republic Organization.

She displays her unique musical stories during live concerts, carrying the audience to a different world. Furthermore, she has sung in lots of gigs at various jazz clubs and private organizations, festivals, openings, award ceremonies (Mediacat Felis Awards, Women to Watch, etc.), and TV shows in Turkey and abroad.

She is a guest star on TV shows in Turkey. She has her own radio show on air on an online radio; Joy Jazz (www.karnaval.com).


Her band usually includes 5 instruments such as piano, double bass, drums, trombone, and sometimes an ethnic instrument. Her repertoire is a combination of her album songs, jazz tunes, and Turkish folkloric songs.


Katibim (2016) single – ProDo Creative

İstanbul Kafası (remastered) Istanbul Calling Vol.3 (2015) – compilation - Füzyon Müzik

Alıştırıyorum My Best Friends are Vocalists (2015) - compilation - Sony Music

Yalnızca (2014) album – ProDo Creative

İstanbul Kafası (2012) single – Uzelli Müzik

Lambaya Püf De (2011) maxi single - Müzikotek
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