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The JAHSEN CREATION label is pleased to announce: Puppa LËK SEN's "JAAM DONG" is selected for the Victoires of Reggae 2014 @ Reggaeville (Germany) ! Vote & spread the word with us!  
Jahsen Creation presents Puppa Lëk Sèn:


"What this former Senegalese rapper produces takes inspiration from Afro-blues, folk, reggae, and sometimes Afrobeat. His acoustic style is unlike any other: genuine, with the strength and the mystery of the African 'desert blues.' After his first album, supported by France Inter and highly acclaimed by the critics of World Music, the young singer with a raspy voice is preparing a second album for the beginning of 2013 while performing occasionally in live shows." - France Culture

A few months after the release of "Tomorrow" in 2013, an album greeted with rave reviews from the World Music critics, Lëk Sèn, a restless creator, is already presenting his new opus "Hope Inna Afreeka."

Produced in collaboration with Jahsen Creation, an association he created to make his dream come true: to come back to his country with know-how and means. To realize his project, Lëk Sèn (lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums calebasse) gathers Magou Samb (guitar), Makeda (vocals), Blondin (bass), Young Reg (vocals), Ousmane Kalil Kouyate (kora), Lamine N'Diaye (djembe, vocals), Avelino Quilez (guitar, vocals), Adrien Bielher (guitar), Yvo Abadi (drums), to present a new album: "Urban Blues"... 100% of the benefits will be donated to a music school, in favor of the children in his native village Ngor (Senegal).

Discography: Online

2015 - "Sweet & Tuff"

2014 - "Jaam Dong" (Only Peace)

2013 – "Hope Inna Afreeka": 3rd solo album produced by Jahsen Creation. 100% of profits will be dedicated to the creation of a music school in Ngor.

2013 - "Tomorrow": 2nd solo album produced by Chapter Two / Wagram.

2010 – "Burn": 1st solo album produced by Makasound.

2007 – "Jok Bala Nacc": 1st album with his SSK Group, with which he participated in the final RFI 2007.

Press Kit: Online

(Canal Plus Afrique // TV5Monde // Télérama 1st article // Télérama 2nd article "The Rasta culture reborn in Senegal…" // RFI Musique // Culture France // Radio Le Mouv // Reggae.fr // Mondomix…)


Album "Hope Inna Afreeka": Teaser Musical // Presentation // Off // Sa Nitte (Clip)

Album "Tomorrow": Clips Ndobine // Maney Ft Clinton Fearon

Album "Burn": Lives Burn // Frica Sound // Life

Album "Jok Bala Nacc": Clip Dance All // Pub with Usain Bolt

Link: www.leksen.com // www.facebook.com/LekSenMusic

Music Tour: Online

In 2013, Lëk Sèn's concert opening for Groundation, Femi Kuti, Meta & The Cornerstones, Bonga, Amadou et Mariam…


Jahsen Creation Association

Lëk Sèn's management, production, booking


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