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Abu Yahya
Influences: Middle Eastern
Genres: pop, remix, world, beduin, yemen
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My name is Abu Yahya, south-Yemeni - hungarian composer and sound engineer.

The project what I build up turns back to 2013. That time I made my first remix for an original yemeni-beduin voice.

This time I make the first album with this idea, which is not only a serial of musics or remixes: This album should be a mission. This album should let you get a musical trip about the yemeni beduin areas.

The voices we don't record in studios. The voices are recorded in the past, of we ourself record them in the natural living area of these people. And the people, whos voices you can hear in these musics are not artists: these are simple people, who just try to live somehow.

Why is it so? Cause my goal is to let you get something from this culture. Through this project I wish you feel that you sit there with us. We don't forward you steril voices through the studios. We let you join us in the normal days, as we live them.

So follow and pay attention in the future.