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Jeremy Davis
August 08/26/16, 2016
Snir Yamin Shares the Highly Anticipated,\

"Concrete City" is the remarkable new album from Snir Yamin. A young artist that has been creating traction the past several months, his songs strike a chord both musically and in the heart. "ConcreteCity" boasts 4 songs on the magnificent EP which displays the work of Yamin prominently.


This Summer and Spring we saw the launch of two accessible and indie singles, "You & I" and "Concrete  City" which helped Yamin to build up a strong fanbase, both back home and in the United States. His music speaks volumes as his songs and production weave throughout the record with a haunting grace and beauty.

Snir Yamin's "ConcreteCity" is a work of art, best put on display. Pick up your digital copy on Bandcamp this evening, and let it fly you through the weekend.


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