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Influences: African , Latin American
Genres: highlife
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4 times in the Global Top 40
July 2021 #40 - Global Top 40 JOLLOF (track)
June 2021 #30 - Global Top 40 JOLLOF (track)
May 2021 #26 - Global Top 40 JOLLOF (track)
4 times in the Global Top 40
SOLLO7 is a singer, songwriter and producer from Tema, Ghana. His passion is to perform to a live audience. He was born in a family where music was a norm. With his father’s help SOLLO7 has nurtured his gift of playing the keyboards and drums. He developed his live stage act by working with the African/international multiple award-winning singer-songwriter Kojo Antwi (The Maestro). He also served as frontman for the Ghanaian band Ohia Beye Ya Band band(now Kwashibu Area Band - touring with Pat Thomas in Europe) for a few years. His solo career took off when he released a number of projects and headlined a few shows in Accra. His debut project is an eclectic boiling pot of highlife, Afrobeat rhythms and melodies.