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January 2022 #34 - Top 40 for African Influence Peace and Freedom (video)
November 2020 #24 - Top 40 for African Influence Forgotten People (track)
The Man Who Almost Killed Himself by  Andy Currums   on 9th August 2014 The Man Who Almost Killed Himself  is a funny and tragic true story inspired by the work of anthropologist Andrew Irving in Uganda and Eastern Africa. The creative talent behind this interesting show is not to be sniffed at either; they bring the community, traditions and beliefs of Africa thrillingly to life. Soulful tunes are provided throughout by The Ganda Boys who use their superb harmonies and some technical wizardry to to add weighty incidental music to most scenes. Soulful tunes are provided throughout by The Ganda Boys who use their superb harmonies and some technical wizardry to to add weighty incidental music to most scenes. They're occasionally called upon to participate in scenes as supporting characters, which might not have been the best idea as their stage and acting talents are no match for their musicianship or, more importantly, the two leads. Tinderai Munyevu takes on the eponymous role of a Ugandan trying to end it all but never quite achieving the final goal. One could not be blamed for assuming that his continued attempts to commit suicide would be utterly depressing. However, the script, direction and Munyevu's charming performance mine some decent comedy out of his lack of love for life. An attempt which requires the help of an audience member is particularly amusing and well played. Throughout his attempts Munyevu is hounded by a 5000-year-old God, played by Danielle Vitalis, who regularly besets his attempts. Although Vitalis multi-roles, it is her performance as the God among men which makes her stand-out in this show. She is sassy, optimistic, fun-loving and, ultimately, caring. She can pop out at any moment to compromise Munyevu's plot to end it all and she always does so with a broad grin and a twinkle in her eye. The set is a little unnecessarily complicated and some special lighting effects don't work quite as well as they could. That being said,  The Man Who Almost Killed Himself  is a fascinating and funny journey through the cultural and political recent history of Uganda and Africa – a history that still sends ripples through to the modern day. By  Andy Currums Andy is a writer and actor based in London. He is the Resident Writer for the charity Creative Youth, creating and running a course on Reviewing the Arts for young people during the International Youth Arts Festival every July. When not at the theatre he can normally be found enjoying a cold beer and a John Martyn LP. more
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About: Ganda Boys Indigo O2 Arena London
The Ganda Boys were formed during 2008 through an exciting collaboration on the highly acclaimed 2009 BBC-TV drama series,MOSES JONES, which was nominated for a 2010 British Academy Award for “Best Original Music Score”.

The soundtrack was created by Ganda Boys founder member,Craig Pruess, and four songs by the Ganda Boys were featured as part of the story and drama. In fact, the very first meeting of the three members of the Ganda Boys — Craig, Denis Muggagaand Daniel Sewagudde — happened in a board room at the BBC while writing songs for the live band sequences in “Moses Jones”. The three got on like a house on fire and when the filming was finished they started the band together and the result was immediate, soulful, amazing and rewarding.

Bringing an international and professional feel to all the recordings, they finished their first album,“The War of Love” within six months, and their second album,“Africa”, a year later, with added orchestral arrangements for a new dimension to the sound. Both are milestones in vibrant African fusion music, with many colours and emotions. BBC artist of the year, 2012, Michael Kiwanuka, said of “Africa”: “The strings take it to a whole new level!” their third album, “Freedom”, is currently in production.

Although the origins of much of the Ganda Boys music are Ugandan, the albums have a “United Africa” feeling to it, with a high level of live band production and rich recorded sound. There is an element of film music to it, too, where the soul of the songs touches one with the poignant stories from Africa, including songs of separation and struggle.

Denis and Dan, formerly of well-known Ugandan hit group, DaTwinz, combine their dynamic and soulful vocals with Craig’s big sound vision. Craig, an American living many years in the UK, is an internationalfilm composerand gold and platinum record producer and arranger, besides being a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and world fusion expert.

The Ganda Boys have a new and arresting, contagious energy to it, where the songs take on a life of their own, touching the listener directly to the heart.

The Ganda Boys immediately started theGanda Foundationcharitable organisation for bringing First World awareness to poverty and suffering in the Third World.