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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Latin American , Jewish , East European
Genres: world music, latin american, folk, bossa nova, gypsy, jewish, flamenco
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Photo by: HuRaban
Photo by: HuRaban
Photo by: HuRaban
About: FlyerPL
Photo by: HuRaban
HuRaban plays world music from different sides of world in their own arrangements. They mix their classical experiences (they are graduates of Academy of Music in Wrocław) with traditional music from their family's roots, also with Ukrainian, Balkan, Jewish music and with everything what they meet during their music journeys. The band travels around the Europe and play many concerts in Germany, Spain, Canary Islands, Poland, Italy, Austria and Norway.


Hanna Włodarczyk - classical guitar, songwriter, arranger

Fabiana Raban - double bass, darbuka, violin, kamancha, frame drums, riq, kitchen pots, przeddech, flute, castagnet

Monika Zapaśnik - voice