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Papa Tee
United States
Influences: African , West European , Scandinavian
Genres: indie, soul, singer/songwriter, reggae, spoken word, euro-pop
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PAPA TEE..NEVER ENDING… Perhaps the appropriate question to ask is what defines us? What truly defines an individual? His thoughts, words, passion, the colour of his face, his swag or his ideals? When a man’s craft or abilities in a certain field of engagement transforms to what becomes his total concentration and commitment, drives his passion and arrogates to him power and not prejudice, then such creative abilities can no longer be described as a gift but rather a philosophy in realism and a revolution. Therefore rules of engagement if there be any, however designed will be broken. Such a personae doesn’t and will never accede to the norm or what dictates nor influences public opinion. His ways and what he stands for may seem out and away from what is perceived as usual or the norm but yet you cannot doubt the depth and the power in his creative abilities to get across his ideals and win converts no matter how silent they may be perceived. In such setting, He becomes many things and different things representing different mindsets and voices. To describe Papa Tee as a musician or just an artiste will be an injustice to him and his craft moreso he would appear largely boxed. To call him a TOTAL ARTISTE would however place him on a platform where his expanding journey in his chosen craft, music makes him more a never ending subject for discussion anytime. Calling his music reggae, pop, afro, jazz ,salsa, afrosoul, new age and so on will much more create a complex definition for his identity. Therefore as he puts it himself-“My music is still evolving'. Born in Nigeria,Oluwatoyin Ojeyomi(stage names Papa Tee), has performed in various capacitiy of the Nigerian Music industry both locally and internationally.He as written,performed and produced music of many genre and knows his onions in all these varieties. His music breathes a deep reflection of a mixture of an adventure into various forms of music styles from reggae to pop, world music, jazz and so on. EARLY DAYS He started out in 1989 as a performer in nightclubs before he got a contract with Radio Lagos, a state owned radio station in 1991 as a d.j/presenter. While combining this with live performances and studio sessions, he met a Nigerian reggae music giant, Victor Essiet of the Mandators and they worked together with a producer called Lemmy Jackson, releasing an album called STORM. The song CHAMPION BUBBLER in the album featuring Papa Tee was a huge hit and this triggered off his journey properly in the world of music Twice nominated for awards -"Most Exciting Radio Presenter" category, at the Fame Music Awards and "Most promising Male" for the prestigious all Africa KORA AWARDS in 2003 for the track OLODUMARE from his self- produced album - PERSPECTIVES. An album of songs that distinctively explores the intricate abilities of Papa Tee to address many subjects embracing various forms of music interpretation both as producer, songwriter and singer. Three tracks on the album namely OLODUMARE, ENITABALABA and TOUCH IT, got him featured on the popular Programme, WORLD TRACKS on Radio France International, a programme hosted by Daniel Brown. The album Perspectives indeed brings to the fore the many sides to the entity called “Papa TEE”. Every song in the collection is reflective of a story and gives you a reason why it should be on the album. ENITABALABA is a very rare and unusual approach to the spoken word, professionally delivered and creatively conceived. Papa Tee makes a daring approach to the spoken word territory without losing his African identity whilst ensuring that the purpose of a word spoken in this art form is crucial to creating yet another outlet for strong expressions that may have been easily lost in the flurry of western musical interpretation. As one critic puts it, the entire album is indeed a musical travelogue as Papa tee consciously or unconsciously exposes his musical influences such as seal, Sade Adu and others in tracks such as OLODUMARE, IN THE KINGS PRESENCE, MOVING WITH THE FLOW. Well it is true that what you perceive mostly is what you end up conceiving. Papa Tee has also placed his stamp on a great many extremely popular and distinctive station ident jingles for three state government owned radio stations (Radio Lagos 107.5fm,Eko 89.75fm, Gateway Radio 90.5fm and Lagos Television) while his jingles for other service organisations and products are immeasurable. His repertoire of working with other artistes is endless. He has worked with numerous artistes both within the country and outside, including King Sunny Ade (Nigeria), Dr.Alban (Sweden) and Nel Oliver (Benin Republic). Papa as he is fondly called does not strongly kick against the commercial viability of music because he has consistently over the years advocated for copyright issues relating to artistes getting their deserved recognition and encomiums for their efforts. This he has consistently achieved as a consultant in the Music Business, serving as a guide to fellow Artistes his radio shows, RIGHT ON POINT and MUSIC PLUGGER on Government owned station, EKO 89.75fm for close to a decade. He is the CEO of a record label, ETERNAL PRODUCTIONS which has become a platform for discovering, engaging and celebrating new talents and their forms of music. He is committed to the true purpose of music transcending beyond the barriers of time and space, race or colour. Papa Tee is married and resides presently in Maryland,USA. For Papa Tee,” He who never fights a battle never wins, never loses”. Plantedworksmediainc2013.