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May 05/10/21, 2021
With its combination of synth, electronica, and storytelling, "The Perfect Son" is a mixture of danceability and darkness. Being the sophomore album of electro-percussive band, Gift of Tongues, and being fifteen tracks long, this record is jam packed and takes the listener on a tale like no other.

Based in Brooklyn and known for his thought-provoking electro-pop music, Gift of Tongues uses his music to heal his depression and anxiety as well as express himself unapologetically. Using masks and costumes to turn his private life into a public persona, Gift of Tongues uses his music to really explore himself and who he is. The songs though seemingly happy on the outside, upon a closer listen, may seem quite dark or even tragic.

Being raised by a single mother, and desperately wanting to please as well as being a considerably lonely child, Gift of Tongues gives us a glimpse into a bit of his youth and does it in a way that is very unique to himself.

The first song "Man of The World" is a very upbeat, rhythmic song full of synth and pulsing bass. The song introduces the listener to the album and subsequently his life story with lyrics such as "I am a man of the world, I've been around the block", effectively bringing the audience into the world of the narration he is about to tell. The third song on the album, "Busted" is our first real introduction to what is happening in the story. Written in a very methodical way, "Busted" explains the beginning piece by piece, almost like a book, "I confess I found his letters in the box under the bed" he explains, "oh man you're busted". The tale is weaved in and out of the following songs with highs and lows, and stories of falling in love until the final fifteenth song,
"The Perfect Son". The song, cinematic in nature, contains instruments not very common in his other pieces such as violins and a handshaker. In this song he describes himself as 'the perfect son' who "did what was told" and due to being "born in the wrong year" and "born at a bad time" he experienced hardship in his childhood. The song does a nice job of summarizing the album and concluding the epic of his youth in a way that makes the audience feel as though they lived the story as well.

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