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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Gabacho Maroc
Influences: North African , Mediterranean , West European
Genres: afro, gnaoua, moroccan music, jazz
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Photo by: Gabacho Maroc
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Photo by: Gabacho Maroc
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Photo by: Gabacho Maroc
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By combining Western, Arabic and African influences and crossing boundaries with brilliance, Gabacho Maroc have developed their own unique flair. If their debut album BISSARA (Label Oued, 2014) communicated a joyful positive feeling, their live performances are a unique experience – a cocktail of rhythms enriched by the soft and captivating voice of Gnawa musician Hamid Moumem. The eight artists complement each other in a perfect way. The wealth of traditional instruments like guembry, n’goni, djembe, Moroccan frame drums and metal castanets, sit perfectly in a bed of bass/kit drums section, electric keyboards and saxophones. Get ready for a fully Moroccan-inspired party! In 2015, Gabacho Maroc played in more than 40 festivals on four continents (Europe, America, Africa, Asia) and was nominated for the African Music Awards.