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Influence: Latin American
Genre: salsa, latin music
La Piantina After "Rumba De Oro" ( ), "La Piantina" is the second single coming out from "100% E.P.", the new work of MaMaAFR!KA for 2014. This is a true full energy song, one of the most funny and intense moment during a MaMaAFR!KA performance. Its power is given firstly by the hook, written some years ago by Sly, and secondly by the fresh mix between an alternative arrangement and poetic italian rap and raggamuffin' lyrics about free energy an ecological culture. The lyrics is written by Cico and by Jovine, a famous reggae star from Naples and leader of the band Jovine, very known for his collaboration with 99Posse and his participation at one of the italian national tv musical show. MaMaAFR!KA feat. Jovine: La Piantina con la partecipacion de: Gabriele Blandini Cico: voice, classic guitar, fx, samples Sly: voice, bass Jovine: voice Big Mena: electric guitar Jakinta: voice Luis War: keyboard Francesco Milloni: beat Blandini: trumpet Vos One: trombone all recorded by Ventur @ Studio D20 Jovine's voice recorded by Alessandro Aspide @ BeatBox Pro LabSound Blandini's trumpet recorded by ManuFunk @ Cinghiale Studio produced by Cico and Ventur arranged by MaMaAFR!KA video direction: Stefano Taurino video shooting, editing and color: Stefano Taurino and Eman postproduction: 24 Fotogrammi Jovine's clip video by Marco Tartaglia JOViNE: Gabriele Blandini: MANY THANX to: Maya Chiarina Jess Di Be Lizzy Marie Claire Luigi Quadri Claudia Manzillo more
MaMaAFR!KA is an artistic collective that provides an explosive and original show, mixing the typical elements of different musical genres including reggae, ska, rumba, rap, punk, samba, Ragamuffin, folk, funk and rock in the style world / pachanka.This artistic project that was born around the figure of BBCiCO''Z .... eclectic and visionary artist who lives in Bologna, Italy.MaMaAFR! KA "fight... more
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