August 08/19/21, 2021
Singer/Songwriter Teressa Mahoney Shares Her Song of Empowerment We all have struggled with self love and have managed to pinpoint every flaw we have and put it under a microscope and pick it apart. In the song “She” by Teressa Mahoney, we are inspired by the empowerment of the strong lyrics in such a soft and gentle melody. Her lyric “Into the day she carries me, Kind and brave and I believe, She's pure, wise, and worthy, I am her and she is me” screams from the mountains that we should all be proud of ourselves and love every inch of who we are. You can hear tones of Taylor Swift and Jewel layering each vocal with truth and honesty coming from a place of pure love.

Mahoney says the inspiration came from talking and listening to women… “I find that it is common to experience discontent with our bodies...The onslaught of images we see in the media can cause us to feel like we somehow got the raw end of the deal with the body we ended up with. In the past year or so, I have been realizing what an amazing gift my body is. I have started referring to “her’ instead of “it.” I have begun to intentionally listen to what she has to say. From simple things like being thirsty or cold to actually feeling my feelings in my body. I have practiced staring in the mirror and smiling at her. It sounds strange, but I found it hard at first. Radically accepting my body as she is has changed things for me. I wanted to capture the freedom and delight this new way of thinking has brought to me in a song, and “She” was born.”

We are so glad that her return from hiatus has brought this song into our lives. The poetic majesty of the song speaks volumes to a society broken and in need of love. This song comes along at just that right time. We look forward to hearing more from this iconic talent.

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