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Posh Dude
United Kingdom
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Photo by: Posh Dude
Photo by: Posh Dude
About: Posh Dude meets the Evil MeshFace
Photo by: Posh Dude
About: Chased by the Royals
Photo by: Posh Dude
About: FRIP FRIP The Genie
Photo by: Posh Dude
About: Meeting the Queen
Photo by: Posh Dude
About: Splat
Once upon a time in an arcade world full of Kremlings, Ghastly Kings, and Snomads, there lived a lonely owl who dreamt of being human. One day, after a freak vegetable accident, the owl managed to escape and begin his life in the land of men. After many years, the bird transmuted himself into a disheveled tramp-like being. One morning, upon waking from a deep sleep, the tramp spotted a large champagne bottle on the edge of an old train track with a chubby, fez-wearing worm inside. Being thirsty, the tramp took a large glug and found the worm had come into his mouth. Suddenly, a genie appeared and informed the tramp that he had one wish. "I want to be posh, I want to be posh," said the tramp. With a swish of his magic wand, the genie transformed the tramp into The Posh Dude, and they both began the first of their many adventures.