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April 2024 #11 - Top 40 for North African Influence Ya Oud (track)
March 2024 #25 - Top 40 for North African Influence Ya Oud (track)
January 2024 #9 - Top 40 for North African Influence Ya Oud (track)
Mondorchestra is a Mediterranean rock band with strong ethnic influences. Blues, reggae, and folk music from Sicily make an explosive mixture in their tracks and shows. Mondorchestra's vocalist, Rocco Pollina, is an original songwriter who sings his songs in Sicilian dialect. Mondorchestra's songs deal with the violence of war, jail, and mafia, but they are often full of irony as well. Some of Mondorchestra's songs belong to Pino Veneziano, a folk songwriter from Selinunte who died quite unknown some years ago. The band was born in Milan around 1997. The name Mondorchestra comes from the old name of the band, Mon Doh. The new name, Mondorchestra, can be read as a short name for Mondorchestra project, which put together musicians coming from "pizzica dance" bands and African ensembles. The official members of the band are: Rocco Pollina (voice, guitars, keyboards, and sampling), Enzo Giliberti (voice and saxophones), Franco Gallerani (electric guitar, harmonica, bouzouki), Massimo Alò (acoustic and electric guitar), Domenico Schiattone (electric bass), Max Dinoia (drums).
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