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Max Jam
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September 2023 #25 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Major Banks (track)
August 2023 #36 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Major Banks (track)
June 2023 #37 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Major Banks (track)
Max Jam is a poet who was born Maxwell Morris in St. Thomas, Jamaica, in 1967. He arrived in Toronto, Canada, when he was 8. With him came his love for Jamaican patois, pastoral beauty, food, and unique expressions from the island.

His eyes always wide open, Max believes in personal improvement and societal change for the better. Bob Marley is his greatest musical influence, inspiring him to sing and write songs about love and freedom.

Whether it's on record or the picket line, Max will continue working hard to clear the way for all children and all humankind. He is married, has 5 children, and currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Wayne B. was born in Clarendon, Jamaica, and grew up under the influence of reggae music, with Bob Marley being his main influence. He moved to Canada in the '80s and quickly became engulfed in the pop culture, including the music of Michael Jackson.

Wayne began singing at the age of 13 to an audience of his sisters in their garage in Toronto. His voice started to mature and grow when he became a part of a quartet at his church.

Singing for Wayne is his greatest passion, and he can be heard singing wherever he goes, no matter what he is doing. Friends have always prompted Wayne to record. Meeting Max Jam was the final temptation. Wayne resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
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