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John Edwin
Divine life of Punarvasu
is a country/folk album written by John Edwin
with a unique
sound created by fretless banjo and electric guitar.
The lyrics often contains a spiritual theme
and sometimes refers to astrological terms
and Yoga philosofy.
The albums eleven tracks are based on the
sixth song ” Can I ever reach Moksha when I cannot reach my toe ”
where the word Moksha ( sprirual enlightment )
is mentioned in the same phrase
as the father of bluegrass Bill Monroe.

The word Punarvasu is borrowed from
the vedic astrology Nakshatra system and refers to
the two brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini
Castor and Pollux.
It serves as an alternative
name to Nirvana for the album`s
headcharacter, questioner and Yogi : John Pigeonpose Edwin

The music is performed by John Edwin
and the Banjodasha Hillbillies
which are :

John Edwin alias Peter Danielsson –
fivestring banjo, fretless banjo, vocals & acoustic guitar
Kenneth Bakkelund – electric guitars
Pedro Blom – Bass
Jörgen Andersson – snaredrums

The album is recorded
October 2019 and April 2020
at Sensus studios in Östersund.
Mixed by John Arveli
Mastered by Nevo mastering.

John Edwin and
the Banjodasha Hillbillies
is country/folk music from
Jamtland county
mixed up with storytelling from this sinful valley
& divine poetry from Punarvasu.

Release 7 Nov 2020

/ Your devoted friend John

New music to come Hi Every one !

I'm coming up with a new album.
It'll be released in a month.

I am very proud to present John Edwin and the Banjodasha hillbillies and a very special
Folk album the Divine life of Punarvasu.

Hope to see you out there.

John Edwin
John Edwin
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