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March 2023 #24 - Top 40 for African Influence Nko Nko Nko (track)
October 2021 #6 - Top 40 for African Influence Rafiki (track)
Photo by: Mapumba
About: Music is life
Photo by: Mapumba
About: Live shows are awesome
Photo by: Mapumba
About: Keep the heart
Photo by: Mapumba
Mapumba's music is a mix of modern genres with African folk. As an independent singer and songwriter for many years, Mapumba continues to share his love and talent in bridging musical genres, languages, and performance experiences. In his current live project titled "Bulu in the Sky," Mapumba is weaving songs and setlists that blend musical scales of the Baluba people of DRC with sounds of Old School Blues. The intended result is a sound that is relatable to popular music while transporting the listener to a remote place in the heart of Africa.

"Bulu in the Sky" came to Mapumba through years of experience in producing and performing urban genres while seeking to express melodies and rhythms that were embedded in him from his upbringing. His multiple albums, available for streaming and downloading, showcase this creative search well. Now the Kolwezi-born and Cape Town-based artist is offering his musical setlist, "Bulu in the Sky," and using his versatility and his magnetic presence on stage to make his performances engaging and memorable.
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