Papi OdeQ & Tamasha Beats
Influences: African
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Papi OdeQ is a SINGER/SONG-WRITER and also the FOUNDER and LEAD SINGER of TAMASHA BEATS, a band he initially founded, and started off, as an all male-acapella band in 2008 before transforming it into a 'full band', backed by instruments, in 2013. Papi is also an accomplished PERCUSSIONIST.

CURRENTLY, Papi OdeQ is, also, part of a music collective, SOKO HURU MUSIC, which he conceived and founded together with Ricky Nanjero (One of Kenya's renowned afro-jazz bass-guitaristsand founder/band-leader of Ricky Na Marafiki Band) and John Were (An accomplished lead guitarist who has played with, and for, several leading music lights in Kenya including Eric Wainaina). The three musicians founded SOKO HURU MUSIC after realizing that they shared a common love and deep appreciation for Kenya's foremost music, BENGA MUSIC. Thus, Soko Huru Music is founded with the objective and vision of promoting Benga Musicandbecoming the most internationally acclaimed and touring music group from Kenya and, by extension, establish Benga Music as Kenya’s foremost National music.

Papi calls his style of music BENGA-FUSION since he makes music that is a fusion of thecontemporary Afro-Fusion, the traditional Kenyan Folk music, and the goldenBenga tunes.

Papi sings in several ethnic dialects of Kenya (His native Dholuo dialect, Kikuyu, Maasai, Kalenjin, Kisii, Kamba etc)but also in English & Swahili.

Papi OdeQ isnot only a Singer & a Songwriter, but also an accomplished actor (Stage & Screen) & FilmScript-Writer.

Over the years, he has not only played with various leading bands in Kenya but also starred in full-length movies, including; SHATTERED (Alongside Nigeria’s RITA DOMINIC) and leading TV Drama Series, among them WASH & SET and MALI, both on NTV.