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Ali Hudson
December 12/01/20, 2020
A perfect combination of the sweet vocals of Owl City, the acoustic trend of Taylor Swift’s “Red” album, and everyone’s favorite alt rock band, comes the newest addition to our November 2020 Playlist, “Take Time” by Miami based band, The Collective Bus. The band coined the name after the Argentinian double- decker bus, The Colectivo. Made up of Daniel Correa, Aldo X, and David Hadalgo, the band brings together that early 2010s soft rock/ alternative indie rock sound we all used to listen to on the beach, in the car with our parents, or on a bike ride with our iPod Nanos.

“Take Time” is the band’s latest single, relating to a gentle connectivity story, between two people, one begging the other to slow down, drop their walls and insecurities down, and face the connection between them. “I see you’ve been silently hurting, you could know that I feel the same.”

This song is a feeling of going through loneliness together. “Let us not play pretend, that we’re blind to this.” Daniel leaves the interpretation up to the listeners, about whether or not this track is a love story, or a story about two friends, going through the loneliness of life together.

We absolutely love the chill, California-esque vibe of this band, and can’t wait to hear more from The Collective Bus. As stated in their IG bio, the band is “professionally sad, manic, and stoic,” and aren’t we all?

Listen to "Take Time" here:

Connect with The Collective Bus:


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